Why The University Conservative?

Welcome to the ultimate platform for the vibrant network of conservative-thinking students and recent college graduates. The University Conservative encourages bold, logical, and innovative ideas that will benefit society and make the conservative movement stronger. With that being said, The University Conservative encourages open-mindedness and honest intellectual discussion. Progress is very hard to come by without genuine conversation. Free speech suppression and censorship of conservative thinkers has become increasingly prevalent on social media platforms and biased collegiate institutions. If you feel that The University Conservative is the right platform for you to get your work published, then send your article(s) to ChadQuigley@theuniversityconservative.com. More information on how to do so is on the contact page. Spread your ideas to the rest of the like-minded and reasonable conservatives, like yourself. In our articles, we hope to inspire growth, unity, and fairness for all students, professors, and the community. We are looking forward to reading your conservatively-inspired articles.

In God we trust.


First Newsletter scheduled for September 1st, 2018.


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