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There is currently a widespread suppression of conservative voices and it is especially targeted at conservative students and social media users. The University Conservative is a response to this, as well as an extensive source of information, new ideas, and conservative content. The UC publishes the best articles submitted by conservatives, where they will not be censored and can express their thoughts/ideas freely. We also encourage others to comment on the articles and engage in productive discourse through the publication.

The University Conservative is always looking for conservative-thinking individuals to contribute to the publication. Also, the best writers have the opportunity to write for the monthly, subscription-based, newsletter. To submit articles for publishing directly through the website, go to the “Join the UC” tab.


Chad Quigley: Editor-in-Chief, Twitter Manager, Founder

Matt Zupon: Editor, Facebook Manager, Maroon Elite Member

Spencer Manning: Editor, Maroon Elite Member

James Perotti: Editor, Maroon Elite Member

Drew Tomek: Instagram Manager

Maroon Elite (Staff Writers)         

Special incentives are offered to writers who reach the “Maroon Elite” achievement. To become a part of this group, writers must get multiple articles published on the website and at least one article published in the monthly newsletter. The articles published on the website/newsletter can overlap. Upon becoming a contributor, Maroon Elites will obtain the following benefits:

  • Maroon Elite Shirt

  • Resume Boost (“Official Contributor for The University Conservative”)

  • Published Author

  • Maroon Elite specification when published

  • Get your work promoted to our growing audience

Join the #MaroonWave conservative-thinking movement and follow The University Conservative, as we publish the best content from conservative students, social media users, and others with unique political insights. This is the most direct and convenient way to embrace conservatism and share your work.



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