A Short Story on Samuel Whittaker

Many don’t remember much of the Revolutionary War. Most don’t remember the many heroes of the war, nor do they remember the drawbacks of it. But I want to tell you the crazy short story of one Samuel Whittaker. Whittaker was an 80 year old man when we rebelled against our overlords. After we lost the first few battles, the British marched back to Boston. On their way there, they decided to raid or kill every non-loyalist household along the way. Thus, worried citizens went forward and warned others what was going on. Many were afraid for their lives, and fled their homes. However, Whittaker was not going to flee.

Whittaker was determined that the stupid British were never going to take his home or kill him. So, he armed up. He loaded and primed a musket, two pistols, and took a short sword and put it into his belt. When the British arrived at his doorstep, Whittaker was ready.

Now, let’s go through a quick run-down of some numbers. Whittaker was one man with three ranged weapons and a melee weapon. The British at his doorstep were numbering around 800 men or so. That’s roughly the size of my old middle school. Almost every one of those 800 men had at least one musket, one pistol, or a bayonet-equipped musket or a sword. That’s 3 guns and a melee weapon against at least 700 or more muskets, 600 or more bayonets, and 300 or more pitsols. Oh, and about 500 or more swords.

So, Whittaker decides to show these British what true defiance was. He shot off his musket, and one soldier gets taken down. Whittaker immediately dropped the rifle, and took out both pistols. He then shot them off, and two more men got taken down.

Reloading a musket took around 15-20 seconds for a normal soldier to do. I’m not sure if Whittaker was a man with military experience, but he was still 80 years old. So, I’ll kick the estimated reload time for him to around 30-50 seconds. This guy had just taken down 3 soldiers in an 800 man army: he didn’t have 50 seconds to spare. So, Whittaker took out the sword and did a YOLO.

As one can reasonably imagine, Whittaker didn’t get far. He went down after being shot directly in the face, and was stabbed with bayonets 13 times. Usually, it takes one good hard thrust to break open skin tissue. Whittaker, having 80-year old skin, took 13 of these thrusts from 20-40 year old men. Not only that, but the British also hit him with the butt of a rifle.

After severely beating Whittaker, the British decided he was good for dead, and walked on. Some neighbors of the 80 year old man heard the commotion, and decided to go help. When they arrived, they saw a miraculous and crazy sight. Whittaker, having been hit in the face with a rifle’s butt and stabbed 13 times, still tried to reload his rifle to get off another shot at the 797 passing soldiers. This 80-year old grandfather was the fatal result of defying a professional army, yet he was still fighting to kill another man before bleeding out.

Whittaker went on to live 18 years after his injuries from the British. He was shot in the face, hit in the face, and stabbed 13 times by bayonets….yet he lived 18 years afterwards. This man was the true picture of American defiance and duty. We were attacked by surprise on a Sunday morning in December, and several of our ships were destroyed. Men and boys were slaughtered by a ruthless empire seeking global domination. Without even a day to spare, we declared war on Japan, and ended that war within 4 years later. America, like Whittaker, took up arms, and got to the fight. We may have been smashed in the face, but we didn’t let that stop us. Even after being shot, stabbed, and beaten, Whittaker was still trying to take out antoerh redcoat. His story is inspiring, and one we Americans should remember. The man should go down in history as a hero, and nothing less.


This article was inspired by Steven Crowder’s video on the second Amendment, “The Second Amendment: American Masterclass with Historian David Barton | Louder With Crowder”. The episode can be found at the link below, and all of the info was directly taken from the video.

Credit goes to Steven Crowder, David Barton, and the people at both LouderWithCrowder.com and WallBuilders.

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  1. Hello. I heart this story on ABL’s live stream last night. Amazing! Thank you for sharing this and for promoting this website on the live stream. I am excited to read these stories. God bless and have a happy and safe 4th!

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