Peter Moon’s Grand Old Debate Analysis #1: The First Democratic Debate, Part I

Last night those who knew about it watched the first official debate between those running for the nomination in the Democratic party for President.

Who Took On What Issues?

In the early parts of the debate, I honestly grew bored of what was going on. They’d ask one leftist (Jay Inslee) what he thought about something, and he’d respond with some response similar to Julian Castro’s. The most interesting thing came when not one, not two, but three candidates spoke in Spanish for some, odd reason. Cory Booker, Robert Francis O’Rourke, and Julian Castro all started speaking responses in Spanish during the immigration portion of the debate. I have no issue with someone speaking Spanish during their response. Truthfully, I was just happy they translated it to English for those not fluent in Spanish. However, neither Cory Booker nor Robert Francis are Hispanic. Booker is a black American and Francis is an Irish American. Castro was the only Hispanic American on that stage. So why was O’Rourke and Booker speak fluent Spanish during this segment? Because they were pandering for votes from this community. Anthony Brian Logan (who’s stream I was watching during the debate) made a good point about immigrants: not all of them are Hispanic. There are such things as liberal Republicans and there are such things as non-Hispanic immigrants. Another interesting moment was when either John Delany or John Hickenlooper tried to speak on an issue they were either drowned out by the moderators or they were met with little to no applause. I sense a problem here, and that is that the moderators did not give time to candidates who had a better chance of actually rising than others. One big example I can give of this is that Tim Ryan, another moderate-type was given less time to explain his position on something than Washington Governor and radical leftist Jay Inslee. In his response to the question “What in your opinion is the biggest geopolitical threat to America today?”, Inslee was the only candidate on that stage whose response was a solid “Donald Trump!”. Inslee was also given more questions and time than Ryan, Hiceknlooper, or Delany, and he is arguably more one-issue than all three of them. This system will flush out support for those three candidates in my eyes, and it will hurt the classically liberal supporters of those candidates as well.

The other thing I find interesting is that Elizabeth Warren was not treated as the front runner of the event that she was. Of the 10 candidates on that stage, Warren was the only one who polled reliably above 10%.Yet, she never tried to actually stay loud and brow-beat others. Trump did this well in the debates he was featured in; when others attacked him, he fought right back. In addition, he kept himself with a strong demeanor and did not allow an air of desperation to seep into his voice. Warren sounded like she was about to break down when she responded to the questions she was asked. That’s not a good sign, nor is it a smart move to remain the frontrunner in that crowd.

Fight Night

In the course of the 2-hour debate, several hilarious fights broke out between the candidates on different issues. There was one moment where Gabbard and Ryan had a tussle over who we fought after 9/11. Ryan claimed it was the Taliban (he was wrong), and Gabbard rightly reminded him it was actually al Qeada. However, Gabbard then said that we basically should not have attacked the Taliban, since they weren’t hurting anyone. However, Ben Shapiro rightly pointed out in his show today that we fought the Taliban because they specifically were covering for al Qaeda. Another spat came when O’Rourke and Castro fought over immigration. Castro yelled at O’Rourke for not being woke enough, so O’Rourke lied down like a loser and let the lesser-known man walk all over him. It was actually amusing to watch the former Second “Christ” (if you watched left-wing media in 2018) get wrecked by a no-name who was in the bottom 15 of the pack.

Winners And Losers

I believe this was a moment for Warren to make herself into a bigger candidate, and she failed. Instead, Castro and Gabbard stood out. Booker did his thing, which can be expected to garner him some increased support. O’Rourke was the real biggest loser of the night, along with Delany and Hickenlooper. All three failed to stand out from the pack in significant ways, but the causes of this fail are debatable, whether it be the moderators or other candidates. Klobuchar and Ryan, two other moderate-style candidates, also failed to distinguish a good argument for being worthy of the ear of the voter.

The debate was boring for two big reasons. First, 7 of the 10 candidates on the stage roughly said the same thing. The other three did not get much time to speak, and were largely ignored by the guests in the auditorium. The second reason was because I am a conservative Republican. The only guy I really could support if forced to would have been either Hickenlooper or Delany, and they were ignored largely by the moderators. The debate showed us what these candidates are fighting for: it’s not the voices of the working class moderates, but the feminists and radicals of their party. This will hurt them in the end, since the moderates will overwhelmingly support someone else other than these 7 far-left types. If you enjoyed the debate, then good for you. But, if you did not enjoy the debate, take a moment and think who on the Right or in the second debate would better represent your views. If you do, take a moment and consider switching your support over to that person instead of one of these weirdos.

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