The University Conservative is Back

As our readers know, The University Conservative merged with New Right Network awhile back. We wanted to see if joining forces with a news publication, having a similar purpose to our own, would produce a major competitor in conservative media. It was an ambitious vision, but there were simply too many components that could not be aligned for the perfect union.

With that being said, the original TUC is back. Our writers are more motivated and renewed than ever, and we want to hit the ground running. We’ll also be adding a forum to our model along with the article submissions, to improve political discourse and avoid censorship from the MSM.

The University Conservative is the ultimate home and resource for conservative-thinkers and even those with differing opinions who want to engage in open discussion. We’re actively recruiting student and social media users who have unique opinions and are interested in getting published.

Also, we will continue to promote and support New Right Network. We are thankful to them for the opportunity to work and grow together.

With the help of our readers and contributors, we plan on going back to being the top resource for conservative-thinking individuals. To submit your first article, head over to

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