An Ignoramus’ Guide to Ostensible Virtuous Thought: Wokeism by James Perotti

While I’m an author and editor for this publication, I don’t define myself as conservative, nor would any conservative who understands all of my ideas about the world.  I’m a secularist, non-religious person and was part of the walk-away movement in 2016. I can best describe my views as being classically liberal. Classical liberalism was a position held by historical figures such as: John Locke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, JFK and Andrew Jackson.  It’s also now modernly held by the popular commentator, Dave Rubin. This belief is center-right in nature and holds individualism above all other values. I also share many views with President Trump and Nigel Farage’s populist-right movement. Overmore, I believe in nationalism and protectionism, which ironically also intersected the value systems of JFK, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson to differing extents.  However semantic this delineation may sound in context that follows, I feel that it is an important delineation to make in respect to accuracy. I’m a student at Penn State University and am not a traditional conservative, but nonetheless, my views are still minority views in the arena of campus thought. I still share a majority of my ideas with conservatives and find “wokeness” as a repugnant threat to rationality and honesty.  

When I initially embarked with this publication, I wanted to tell a specific and compelling story about an experience of mine during my freshman year of college.  I wanted to wait until I could perfectly understand the philosophy of the story to tell it; I believe that time is now. As many students do in a broken educational system, I seeked an “easy ‘A’” elective to enroll in during the fall semester of my freshman year.  After consulting students and acquiring information on reddit and rate my professor, I concluded that Sociology 119 was the easiest elective a student could take at Penn State. Sociology 119 is taught in an 800 person lecture hall in which every seat is filled for every lecture given by professor Sam Richards.  In the inaugural lecture of the fall 2017 semester, Professor Richards, who insisted he be referred to as just Sam, exclaimed that he never once voted for a Democrat in his life. He added that the purpose of the class was to provoke thought and to instill intellectual discomfort into the student. As the semester progressed, it was evident that Sam either had a lot of work to do to justify his voting record or was terrified to ride against the wave of wokeness.  Towards the end of the semester, Sam invited four hijab-wearing Muslim girls and four non-Muslim girls dressed in street clothes to engage in a dialogue regarding the purpose of the hijab and what it represents. The Muslim girls outlined that the hijab represented faith and self-empowerment. They claimed to wear the hijab as a badge of honor. The non-Muslim girls, in PC fashion, immediately showed compassion and understanding towards these ideas. Additionally, Sam felt compelled to reiterate the ideas to the class and suggested that we be more open to the idea of hijabs–that hijabs were worn in good faith by Muslim women–that we are unfit to properly judge the motives behind their usage.  Upon this display, I was boiling with disagreement in my mind.

The invention of hijabs and burkas has clear intentions: to subjugate daughters and wives under their father’s or husband’s ownership. Traditionally, a Muslim woman is not to be seen in public without her hijab or burka because of this ideal. Such an ideal is profoundly rooted in misogyny and illiberalism. Muhammad left no room for confusion in this ideal when creating Islam. Muhammad asserted that the real God, Allah, was “speaking to him” and contended to his wife Aisha (the model for an ideal Muslim wife) that adultery and domestic violence were condoned by Allah. Imagine in present day telling your wife that your vile actions were justified because you are a Prophet and the real God, who is now just revealing himself to you and only you, told you so.  Muhammad made sure to add the necessary use of the hijab into the Quran when creating his death cult of Islam to subject women to illogical and barbaric suffering. These are the true ideas behind the hijab and why it is illegal for a Saudi woman to be caught in public without one. This ideology produced societies that are more fundamentally misogynistic than any other in the last one thousand years. The evidence that Islam subjugates women is ubiquitous and the hijab is a clear indicator of Islamic misogyny. SJWs will acknowledge the representation of historic racism in Confederate statues, yet blind themselves to other forms of systematic bigotry in the name of openness. It should be an easier slam dunk for the left to categorically denounce the hijab and the central ideas of Islam than it is for them to denounce President Trump’s locker-room talk.  One of the greatest thinkers of our time–neuroscientist and philosopher–Sam Harris stated on an panel with Bill Maher that “Islam is the mother lode of bad ideas.” Sam’s claim is accurate, yet Sam was unfairly smeared as an Islamophobe by the out of touch imbecile, Ben Affleck. However, wokeness preaches the acceptance of values represented in all systems of thought that are not held by the American right. They know who their enemy is and will practice the belief that the enemy of their enemy is their friend to seemingly no end, and anyone who criticizes their idiotic ideas is unequivocally ostracized as a leper.

In summation,  wokeness is a cancer.  It is an intellectual disaster that these terrible ideas need be entertained and dismantled, but the scope that SJW-ism has reached is dangerously wide.  I truly do not enjoy feeling the need to educate such a large portion of the public on why their ideas are objectionable, but today, we need to fight an entire cultural war over this idiocy.  In a sense, it is something the country could have foreseen given slavery, segregation and other gruesome ideas that were broadly held by the public in America’s past. Intelligent people, especially professors and college students who claim to be engaging in the pursuit of high intellectual thought, should never even consider subscribing to an abominable ideology like wokeism.  While it could’ve been predicted that many unlettered people would subscribe to wokeism, I’m truly shocked that countless intelligent people can be intellectually hijacked to think like total ignoramuses.

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