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Starting today, The University Conservative (TUC) officially becomes a subset of New Right Network (NRN) and will primarily be involved in student outreach, with TUC’s existing older writers transitioning to writing for New Right Network. To become a published author, video creator, intern for college credit or founder of a campus chapter, join the movement here:

Staying connected is key. Hop over to NRN’s new campus hub at today and sign up for email alerts. The University Conservative page, within, will publish articles and video content from students around the country. The updated model and structure of, both New Right Network and The University Conservative, will make this a media site unlike any other. It is the only conservative outlet that allows students to write and share their own content, in a time where conservative thought is suppressed more than ever.

Tonight, TUC at NRN is hosting a watch party for “The Walking Dead” season 9 finale. Join us here at 8:30pm ET tonight and every Sunday night to watch movies together. Share these posts and help us publicize our first event:

The University Conservative has grown exponentially since its start in August of last year and we attribute this success to the genuine nature of our conservative-thinking movement. Although TUC’s network of writers come from different parts of the country, they each share similar values and beliefs. After six months of hard work from everyone involved, it is time to take The University Conservative to its next step in the growth process and this involves a merger with New Right Network.

New Right Network is an established media site that shares an overlapping purpose with The University Conservative, in that, they give a voice to the vibrant, conservative presence throughout the country. After promoting and engaging with their work voluntarily and on a mutual basis, we have agreed that uniting in the cause against the Left will only make us stronger. New Right Network took note of our hard work, talented writers, and unique insights. So much so, that they have invited us to incorporate our work into their publication.

New Right Network is the fresh voice of new media. They are mobilizing, countering the Left, and energizing the Right. Their mission is to advance the ideals which are important to us in the current social, cultural, and political climate. When they founded the New Right in May 2016, inspired by the Donald Trump presidential campaign, New Right Network ascended from the ashes of the failed ideology of postmodernism. The collective values that have disappeared from the society in which we live have become internalized within the New Right. They are everyday individuals, experienced reporters, and veteran broadcasters who enjoy communicating, lifecasting, and investigative journalism. The media network embraces every facet of interactive digital media from live streaming and virtual worlds to gaming and animation.

We look forward to joining forces and are certain that our readers and writers will enjoy the outcome. Not to mention, this will only increase our chances of winning big in the 2020 presidential race!

The University Conservative at NRN:

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