Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bashes America by Seth Ian

In case you weren’t yet convinced that the three new congresswomen are anti-American, Cortez cemented her disdain for the country. Her latest comments reveal a hatred toward America. The Democratic party is nearing the point of being an anti-American, blame-America first party.

At the South by Southwest conference and festivals, Cortez put her hatred on display. The NY congresswoman said, “Where we are as Americans amounts to garbage.” And that’s not all. .

These three congresswoman have been making controversial comments on almost a daily basis. While freedom of speech is existent in the US, unlike socialist countries which is ironic in itself, this reveals a dark trend in the Democrat party.

The Democrat party is sounding more and more radical by the day. The elections will now present a clear choice. Anti-Jewish and Anti-American sentiment, open borders, and anti-law and order on the left or pro law enforcement, national sovereignty, and a booming economy on the right.

Seth also writes for New Right Network. Follow him @conservative013.

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