The Obsession with Russia by Hunter Burton

In 2016, half of the country pounced, desperate to find a reason to justify its hatred of Donald Trump. The remnant of normal Americans looked at the events, completely unphased. The DNC, reportedly hacked by Russia, relinquished their servers to CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity company in California. CrowdStrike reported that Russian entities had perpetrated the hack on the DNC, naming them Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear. But did the hack actually accomplish anything? We know that it revealed unethical behavior within the DNC, due to the release of information by WikiLeaks, which has maintained a firm stance in the position that their source was not Russian. We know high-level staffers stepped down from their positions at the DNC after the leak. We know that a major allegation against the Russians is that they used fake accounts and ads to mislead the public. Was it a success? We don’t know. We do know that 62,979,879 people voted for Donald Trump. Was Russia able to convince millions to vote for Donald Trump?

In December of 2016, CrowdStrike wrote a report on a supposed hack against the Ministry of Defense in Ukraine. After it was published, however, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a think tank in Britain, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense questioned a major assertion of CrowdStrike’s publication, which was later changed. If CrowdStrike’s findings have been challenged in the past, isn’t it wise to want the FBI to verify their findings now by examining the original servers?

In 2010, Robert Mueller, at that time an FBI Director, chose a man named Shawn Henry to be an Executive Assistant Director at the agency [1]. Within a short matter of years, however, Henry left the FBI and joined a new technology company. That company was CrowdStrike, and Henry is now the President of CrowdStrike Services [2].

The supposed mountain of evidence that cued the investigations into Donald Trump about accusations of collusion is on extremely shaky ground. If Donald Trump was colluding with Russia, that would be disastrous. However, after two years of constant investigation into Donald Trump, no evidence has been found that connects him to Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation. Many view Donald Trump as inept and incompetent, and they publicly state such opinions. However, they also believe that he is a criminal mastermind that has managed to outwit every federal law enforcement agency thus far.

Due to the inconceivability Donald Trump’s win, the media’s characterizations of him have also been so muddled that we don’t know anything except for “Russia”. “Russia hacked the DNC.” “Putin might have damaging information on the Trump family, so Trump has to do what Putin wants!” “Collusion! Donald Trump’s son met with somebody that happened to be Russian, and that person knows somebody who once worked with a guy who happened to become somebody who works for somebody that knows Putin!”

The “investigation”, if it can actually be called that, has devolved into what can only be described as a massive mudslinging campaign. The result has been unfounded hatred of Donald Trump, no matter what he accomplishes. The very same people that despise and brutally criticize our desires to keep our country safe return to their gated communities and walled homes, seemingly oblivious to lower taxes, better foreign relations, and many other policies that have improved our country under his leadership.
“But Russia!” The Democratic catch-all slogan, coming soon to a town hall event near you.

Hunter is a Maroon Elite writer for TUC. Twitter: @HunterBurton00.


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