Support the National Emergency Declaration by Seth Ian

The President has promised to build a wall along the southern border. He ran on this issue and this idea helped propel him to victory both in the Republican primary and the general election. Now, he is facing opposition from Democrats and some in the GOP, itself.

As a result of opposition among both libertarian and liberal Republicans, President Trump may have to use veto power in order to secure our border. While casually using Presidential powers is a slippery slope, there is certainly a crisis on the border.

The President is doing right by doing what he has to in order to secure the border and deal with present and future waves of migrants. To be clear, deadly drugs are coming across the border, and illegal migrants and coyotes are taking advantage of holes in our border security.

While the usual liberal Republicans are already opposed to President Trump’s plan to secure the border, one surprise is Rand Paul’s opposition to the declaration of a National Emergency. Rand Paul has expressed his opposition in an Op-Ed for Fox News.

Rand Paul is a patriot and is certainly principled, but I would urge him to support the President’s emergency declaration. Should he fail to do that, President Trump will use veto power. This is necessary as our borders and national sovereignty are at stake. Furthermore, those who worry this might set a precedent, Democrats will use veto power and declare a National Emergency regardless of what President Trump does. Republicans should stand with President Trump and help to make America safe again.

Seth also writes for New Right Network. Follow him on Twitter, @conservative013.

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