Why Reparations are Fool’s Gold by Jeffery McNeil

I’ve never supported reparations for slavery. While I believe African Americans were historically discriminated against, some have forgiven, while others need to be aggrieved and victimized. There’s no denying wrongs were committed against African Americans. However, I find it bizarre the people who advocate for reparations are African Americans that are doing better economically than most whites. Explain why Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan deserve a reparations check or claim victimhood?  While Slavery was America’s original sin, reparations imply that African Americans are an endangered species and survival depends on noble, white liberals. As an African American, I find it highly insulting that some whites think we are that inferior.

What happened to my ancestors before me was tragic, but I never understood the mindset of those that want to keep trying to entangle themselves in the backwards thinking of the left. Had African Americans followed the lead of Jackie Robinson, maybe race relations would be different in America. Blacks were historically discriminated against in professional sports and entertainment, but instead of complaining about the injustice, they formed their own leagues that rivaled white-run professional sports. When Jackie Robinson became the first black ballplayer he didn’t ask for special treatment. He demanded that his performance rather than his race speak for him.

When Jackie first came to Brooklyn, white people didn’t want him playing on their team. Fans booed and heckled him, and opposing coaches such as Philadelphia Phillies manager Ben Chapman, threw black cats on the field to intimidate him. Pretty soon the fans learned Jackie was playing a brand of baseball never seen before. He was stealing home plate, making acrobatic plays, and winning ballgames. Soon the same people that said they would never be his teammate began to see a person of color help to take on their biggest rival, the New York Yankees, when the Dodgers won the pennant in 1955

Throughout history there have been a segment of black elites who have been handpicked by the white establishment to be spokesmen for the black race. I don’t know where this came from and who appointed people such as Kamala Harris and Corey Booker to be my spokesmen. I don’t want their reparations check. Keep it. Some of us aren’t house slaves looking for approval from the benevolent slave master.

It’s sad seeing so many African American defeated and broken, thinking reparations mean winning. While the black aristocracy will be compensated, the masses will be made promises and left to live in the hell created by social engineers, all in the name of the greater good.

The problem isn’t racism. Racism didn’t stop blacks from being Tuskegee Airmen or becoming doctors, lawyers, business owners, and professionals.  When African American ran into unscrupulous white owners that robbed and exploited them, Barry Gordy came up with Motown, a black run company. When did we adopt the mindset that African Americans can’t do anything for themselves and need help from the government?

Reparations are not help. Reparations only confirm the worst stereotypes about African Americans.

Follow @Big_crusher1000 on Twitter. Jeffery is an award winning writer, who’s been published in the Washington Examiner and Street Sense Media.

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