New York Abortions by John A. Dwyer

New York State, under the Governorship of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, recently passed a law permitting abortion up to the moment of birth. This new law is being copied by other states as fast as their legislatures can push them through. This law is evidently being pushed by the Democrat side of the State Legislatures and appears to be one more step towards a total takeover of the United States by the Uber-Left Progressives.

Abortion, as practiced and promoted by Planned Parenthood is little more than state-sponsored genocide, targeting people of color primarily. A cursory look at the locations of Planned Parenthood facilities will point to the section of our population targeted. Fees for abortion are waived, because Planned Parenthood receives millions of dollars from the government to perform their hideous tasks, but more importantly, because Planned Parenthood receives much more money by selling the murdered baby body parts. Of course, the mother who provided Planned Parenthood with those valuable body parts never sees a dime from the sale. The mother goes through the trials and pain of nine months of pregnancy in order to donate valuable body parts to be sold by Planned Parenthood for their own ill gotten gain! Is there a better definition of a limited slavery?

Once late term abortion is accepted as the norm, the next step will be postpartum abortion which is murder of the innocents! There can be no explanation for this next step. From there, we will proceed to “euthanasia” of children with physical or mental disorders. After that, euthanasia of those who are a burden to society, in that they are unable to contribute to the benefit of society. The old, too, fall into this category. Sorry Grandma!
All this seems a little far fetched, but then, it seemed so to the citizens of Germany in the mid 1930’s also. Little by little, their friends and relatives disappeared. Little by little, more people were deemed “unuseful”. Little by little, more people were convicted of being “enemies of the state”.
Abortion, Late-Term Abortion, Euthanasia, are all tools of the Progressives! Their motives are clear. They want total control of everyone and everything. They have no sense of guilt, no sense of remorse, no pity, and no empathy. They will use any and all means of domination without any concern for the well-being of the citizens they control. Progressives will lie their way into power and then use force to keep it! Their methods are well known, and well documented, but history is being erased by them and replaced with their own version of history. Progressives are in control of the MSM, Hollywood, most colleges, and at least half of Congress.
Eliminating progressivism is the only way out of the mire we are in, but it is like draining the Swamp one teaspoon at a time. We Must “drain the swamp”, or our nation is lost! There will be no free elections once they take over.

Too many people were swayed by the sweet talking man who occupied the White House a few years ago. His promises of “change” were sugar coated lies that took eight long years to realize them as lies. Still today there are people who wear his shirts and hats. Still today, there are people who believe he had American citizen’s best interests at heart. These lost souls will not believe anything but the lies of other progressives like him.

Stopping late-term abortions is a start in the right direction. The next step is to reverse Roe vs. Wade. Step by step, we must eliminate the corrosive influence of progressivism! It is, admittedly, difficult, but it is not impossible. We are presently in a war, but we must stand up and fight or this all important war will be lost and our Country will disappear, never to be seen again! Truth is a mighty weapon, but if it is never used, it is useless.

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