How the Left Stole Christmas by Taylor McClure

The famous movie, “The Grinch”, is a movie about a green creature who is set on ruining everyone’s Christmas. That movie is fiction, but unfortunately, there is a group of people who seem to be pursuing the eradication of Christmas as we know it. We have seen the left attack children shows and ideas for quite a while now. Advocating for a “fat” Barbie and trying to make fast food restaurants get rid of gender assigned toys. By now we should be used to the left getting upset at virtually nothing, but this may be taking it to far.

The first thing on the left’s Anti-Christmas agenda is to make Santa Clause gender neutral or female. “A new survey by a graphic design company revealed that 27 percent of Americans want to see Santa rebranded as a female or a gender-neutral figure” (Ciccottia 2017). This means that approximately 27 percent of Americans have lost their minds. People claim to want a female or gender natural Santa because it will be “less creepy” that way. First of all, Santa Clause is a fictional character based on a real human who was known for supposedly known for giving out gifts. The real person behind the legend of Santa Clause is named St. Nick, and he indeed is a male. But leave it up to the left to ignore reality. Secondly, this is undoubtedly sexist. To say a woman is inherently “less creepy” than a man is textbook sexism. Of course, this doesn’t matter to the left. Liberals will preach about gender equality, but they only seem to care about women. The legend of Santa Clause can be traced back hundreds of years, and I think it is safe to say, kids are excited for presents on Christmas morning rather than terrified of a male Santa.

Santa is not the only thing that is under attack. The song, ” Baby its cold outside,” is also under fire. According to the left, the song suggests rape culture. The song lyrics suggest that a man has a woman, most likely his significant other, over at his house. He is convincing the woman to stay with him for a bit longer. There are two main issues with the left trying to ban this song. Primarily, the lyrics are being taken out of context. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows that when you are leaving the company of your significant other sometimes one person begs the other to stay for a while. This is not out of the ordinary. The woman in the song doesn’t seem to be in distress in the slightest. My second issue regarding the ban of this song is the fact that their hundreds of songs, mostly rap, being played on the radio that is degrading to woman. Those songs are not being taken off the radio for possibly condoning rape so why is this song? Some argue that it is because Christmas music is also listened to by kids. Not only is this argument senseless because parents have their children listening to rap, but also a child does not have the mental capability to read outside the lines to the degree that it takes to misinterpret “baby its cold outside.”

The mass majority of left-leaning people have shown their hatred towards Christmas for a while. They have tried to get Christmas activities banned from schools. They have tried to virtually ban the phrase ” Merry Christmas” and replace it with Happy Holidays. I don’t think the war on Christmas will ever end. I will leave you with a great video I found talking about why we should say “Merry Christmas.”

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