Disputing Pro-Choice Arguments by Taylor McClure

Lets Talk About Abortion.

I am going to go through the common arguments of the left and debunk them and explain to you exactly how severe this problem is.

How many babies get killed a year?

3,000 abortions per day (WorldoMeters)

More black babies were aborted in NY last year than born.

It is okay to abort because it is just a clump of cells.

The moment an egg is fertilized, it is now an independent life. If it were found on mars scientists would say life was found on Mars.

As you can see in the pregnancy timeline I laid out at the bottom of this article, a heartbeat forms at 18 days.

If a pregnant woman is murdered, it is legally classified as a double murder due to the fact that she is caring for a baby. The criminal law recognizes an unborn baby as a human life.

It is okay to abort because the baby lacks rationality, consciousness, and autonomy.

If rationality is the deciding factor, then mentally ill people would be legally allowed to be murdered because they lack full rationality. If consciousness was the deciding factor, then anyone sleeping or passed out could be legally murdered because of the lack of consciousness. Finally, if autonomy was the deciding factor, anyone on life support could be legally killed. When the argument is laid out with thesese examples, it becomes very clear that just because lack of rationality, consciousness, and autonomy are not present does not mean the person should be facing death.

It is okay to abort because they may grow up poor or in the adoption system.

Because a baby is a human life and abortion is murder, it is not morally correct to kill a child, simply because of the possibility of a “bad” life.

The only person who can decide if an innocent person has the right to live is God.

This argument can also be used for children with disabilities.

It is okay to abort because it is an inconvenience for the mother.

This is going to start getting redundant… Because a baby is a human life and abortion is literally murder, a person can not choose to kill another human being because it is inconvenient. That is murder.

Luckily, it is 2019 and contraceptives are readily available, and free contraceptives can be found across the country.

It’s very unfortunate if someone gets pregnant with an unwanted baby, but that is no ones fault besides the two parties involved. Just because someone is an inconvenience to them, doesn’t mean you can kill them. Period.

My body my choice.

Once again… Because a baby is a human life and abortion is literally murder, this argument is completely invalid.

A baby is inside of the mother, yes, but it is a separate human life. No one cares about what a woman does with her liver, arms or legs, but because the baby is another human being, it is different.

What if the mother’s life is in danger?

This is the only time abortion should be allowed. In this case, a doctor would have to essentially let the mother die (which will most likely kill the baby anyways) or essentially kill the baby.

In this case, because another human life is in danger, it could be considered okay as long as the mother gets several doctor’s options.

To clarify, in my opinion, abortion should only be legal if the mother’s life is in danger not if she will suffer discomfort.

What about rape and incest?

I can not stand this argument; people will use something that accounts for less than 1% of abortions just to try to prove their point. It is an excuse to push their overall agenda.

Here is where the controversy comes in. A baby who was the result of rape or incest should not be allowed to be aborted and here is why:

Once again, a baby is a baby and abortion is murder. Rape is one of the worst crimes that could ever be committed. If a woman happens to get pregnant from her rapist, it is completely awful. That being said, just because one of the baby’s parents was a monster doesn’t mean the baby can be killed.

For the one-hundredth time…abortion is murder. I repeat myself because it is imperative for that to stick. It is as simple as that. Americans need to stop feeling bad for themselves and acting completely selfish. The fact is, a baby is not a clump of cells. It is a baby; it is life at the start of conception; therefore, the killing of a baby is murder. It sucks that people can not be responsible; abortion is NOT a method of birth control. There are two main types of people who are pro-choice: The people who know abortion is murder but are to selfish to believe that it is wrong, and the people who are in denial and misinformed.

First trimester

•    The fingers and toes have soft nails.

•    You can hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time (10 to 12 weeks)

Second trimester

•    The baby moves, kicks, and swallows.

Third trimester

•    The baby’s lungs are mature and ready to work on their own.

•    The baby moves into position to be born, usually dropping into a head-down position and resting lower in the mother’s pelvis.

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