The Media Promotes Bullying by Taylor McClure

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you have definitely heard about the boys from Covington Catholic High. A video clip went viral of the students waiting for a bus at the March for Life. The video showed an indigenous man beating a drum, while surrounded by boys in MAGA hats. Some boys were smiling and some perceived this as mocking. Some people took to twitter to attack these boys and even call colleges, which had accepted these students, to beg for the college to retract its acceptance. Other people did not think much about it and just said they were random, punk kids. The Native American made statements saying that the boys were surrounding him and shouting, “Build the wall”, and that he was afraid for this life. When this video first went viral, it seemed like no one was on the boys side; not even the conservatives. The students were receiving death threats, facing expulsion and so much more.

When the full 2-hour video was released everything seemed to change. The students were taunted with racial slurs and pure hatred. To drown out all the horrible things that were being shouted at them, the students started chanting their school chant. Also, the video shows that the Native American drummer approached the boys, which completely debunks the idea of that the kids were surrounding him. The students stood there breaking an occasional smile. And now the whole country is labeling them as racist.

The outrage the students are facing is simply because the lack of research and professionalism by the media. This situation is a perfect example of how corrupt the media is. The media jumped on this small clip of a video without doing proper research. We continue to see media use out of context soundbites and quotes to push their bias opinions, like we did with the Jussie Smollet case as well. In order to “prove” that Trump supporters are racist, the media ruined children’s lives. Was it worth it? Some leftist seems to think so.

This IS the modern problem in America. The more the supposedly “unbiased” media produces articles slandering conservatives, the stronger Trump will become. The more the media lies, the more Trump is right about the media problem in America. The left’s plan is to trash Trump in order to turn people against him, but it is going to end up doing the opposite.  2020 here we come.

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