The Reality of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” by Matt Zupon

Throughout American history, elected officials from all parties faced strife and dissent. Whether a Mayor or President of the United States, the right to chastise our leaders remains a hallmark of our Republic enshrined by the First Amendment of the Constitution. While we all must respect and support this fundamental right of liberty, we may also wield it in a way to attack the libelous media and those abusing the freedom granted to us. Many people know the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, and though some may dismiss its reality, many see it as a truth. When people vandalize a statue celebrating the end of World War II with “#MeToo”, falsely slander a teenager over mocking a provocateur just because they sport “Make America Great Again” hats, spend hours upon hours criticizing the President for his eating habits, and purposely shove Democratic scandals under the bed and attack President Trump for lesser wrongs, you know that a deep, deep problem exists.

Immediately look towards the Women’s March and #MeToo movement. Movements promoting victims of sexual assault to speak up should receive healthy coverage and encouragement. However, radical anti-semite Linda Sarsour started the movements and they quickly shifted from promoting victim’s voices to witch hunts. No better example of this comes to mind than the recent Senate confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In the summer of 2018, then-nominee Kavanaugh went through one of the most tumultuous confirmation hearings in history. His decades of public service and professional reputation sunk in a matter of minutes when multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct in the 1980s.

The snowball started with Christine Blasey-Ford’s hypocritical and uncorroborated accusations that Brett Kavanaugh groped her in high school. Some other women then blemished the name of Brett Kavanaugh even further by alleging heinous acts in college. As expected,  months later they reversed their stories following his confirmation and admitted to lying.

In addition to this, the media smeared the Covington Catholic kids over a staged “assault” against Nathan Phillips. Nick Sandmann, the child smirking (and doing only that, SMIRKING) got plastered all over the internet and televisions as a delinquent and a racist. Interestingly enough, it appeared as though the mainstream media acted preemptively as video evidence disproved every single one of their allegations. Of course, the newspapers and talk shows in no way attempted to rectify themselves. They merely ignored the turmoil and continued on with their Trump-hating fest. Thankfully, Nick Sandmann just recently sued The Washington Post for $250 million.

To the amusement of many, our President enjoys eating out at fast food chains. While CNN and MSNBC mocked him relentlessly for his appetite, no event proved the media obsession with his diet more than the time he served the Clemson Tigers’ football team thousands of dollars worth of McDonald’s. Many college kids relish eating fast food as it provides a tasty, wholesome meal. However, without asking ANY of the students involved, the press bashed the President for his feast. Throughout his Presidency, the MSM launched attacks on the President for drinking Diet Coke and calling his doctor a “liar” for telling the world how much he weighed. As with the case of Covington Catholic, multiple football players announced their support of the President’s decision but their objections never received any limelight.

The marvelous double-standard for covering unlawful procedures in a Presidential administration remains glaringly obvious. As we all know, the Benghazi attacks on the embassy in Libya in 2012 plagued the Obama presidency for its remainder and served as a massive policy flaw for that of Secretary of State turned Democratic-nominee, Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 Presidential election. Despite the loss of lives and destruction of U.S. property, the Obama administration received a pass with Democrats and pundits for this failure. Meanwhile, Paul Manafort, who served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager in the primary election, somehow hurt Trump’s brand. Manafort got incarceration for not paying taxes on a property in 2012, years before Donald Trump even considered running for President. Interestingly enough, Mr. Manafort never even served in Trump’s cabinet, just as campaign manager for a brief stint. Regardless of his title, news networks tried tying his poor business acumen to the Trump presidency.

Another prime example comes from the national emergency declaration. Although past Presidents used their executive power without a major pushback from Congress, President Trump faced brutal remarks from Democrats in Congress for building a wall to protect our southern border. President Obama declared national emergencies to build walls in foreign lands and none of them questioned it. The difference between the situations? Who sits in the Oval Office. The handling of Flint, Michigan provides an almost comical contrast between the current and former President. When President Obama visited Flint and drank a glass of water, liberals cheered that he helped the people of Flint. When President Trump designated hundreds of millions of dollars from the EPA to go towards fixing Flint, the media kept silent.

Though I could drone on for days about the ridiculousness of leftists and their handling of the Trump presidency, no example proves more recent or more fitting for the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome” than the case of Jussie Smollett. Failed actor for the show, Empire, Mr. Smollett alleged that two men beat him up in Chicago last month while wearing Make America Great Again hats and chanting “this is MAGA territory”. The public yearned for the actor after experiencing a hate crime of such. However, once the Chicago Police Department reviewed the videos and launched an investigation, it turned out that Jussie hired two people to beat him up. He staged the entire crime in an attempt to demonize Trump supporters as racist homophobes. Now he faces a class 4 felony.

If the previous examples did not paint the picture, just visit our President’s Twitter feed and look at the comments left by the left. Shocking, appalling, hateful comments of demise and destruction will appear plastered all over his feed. While we accept and cherish our freedom of speech, we must remember that a decent level of civility and restraint must exist. The freedom of speech allows us to articulate our viewpoints in a way to educate our opponents, not threaten them.

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