The Green New Deal by Taylor McClure

The Green New Deal. . . it is actually hard to believe that this piece of proposed legislation actually exists. We can all agree that taking care of the planet is important, but The Green New Deal is not only impractical, it is legitimately insane.

For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past month let me point out some of the actual policies laid out in this legislation.

  • Retrofit every building in America
  • Fully get rid of farting cows
  • Eliminate all air travel
  • Provide economic security to anyone unable or unwilling to work

This is pretty terrifying but the fact that pretty much the entire DNC came out and supported this bill  is equally disheartening. Judging by the immense amount of support this bill was getting, you would assume that the supporters truly supported it. Wrong. Mitch McConnel called for a vote on this bill and the democrats lost their minds. Ed Markey (the co author of The Green New Deal) called the vote an “attempt of sabotage”. So apparently democrats support the bill, yet do not want to vote on it. I’m just going to let that sink in.

Even if America was able to cut down all emissions in 10 years, it will most likely not make a difference. Most greenhouse gas emissions come from developing countries, not the United States. Destroying America is not the way to take care of the planet. But is The Green New Deal about saving the environment?

Throughout the bill, Cortez touched on things such as healthy food, employment, and education. Personally, I am a bit confused on what this has to do with carbon emissions, but ok. The harsh reality is that The Green New deal is more about socialism and government control than it is climate change. If all of a sudden, all education was free, all health care was free, and food and housing are virtually free for everyone who was unwilling to work, then why even work? Not only will that cause people to quit their jobs because what is the point in getting money if everything is free, it is also virtually impossible to pay for all of this. Do not take it from me. AOC even said she does not know where the money will come from.

It is almost like the bill was written by some 29 year old bartender. . . oh . . . wait.

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