The Party of Kennedy No More by Seth Ian

President Kennedy once famously declared, “Ask not what your country could do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” It was a time in America where, while Democrats leaned liberal, they still loved America and included patriots in their ranks. This phenomenon has been replaced by radicalism.

The idea of personal responsibility is foreign to today’s Democrat party. Liberal college professors and freshman congresswomen alike lament what they consider America’s many sins. Popular liberal entertainers like Spike Lee declared, “America was founded on genocide”.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, as well as others, have called for free college, which while it sounds nice, is impractical. She also routinely promotes ideas that are socialist-leaning. Elizabeth Warren also pontificates socialist tropes. Bernie Sanders continually looks to socialist countries in Europe for inspiration. No longer asking of the citizens what they can do for the country.

The anti-Ice and anti-immigration-enforcement rhetoric reveals a party in the Democrats who are no longer a pro-USA party. While Kennedy and other former Democratic presidents respected this country, those days are over. The party of Cortez, Tlaib, and Omar is no longer a place for working-class, everyday Americans.

Let’s hope the Republicans capitalize on this and pass legislation in the Senate that reflects patriotic conservative values.

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