Modern-Day Moral Crusaders and Lynch Mobs by Jeffery McNeil

I have never been in the camp of calling for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign. Being African American, I was appalled to see a sitting Governor in a photo wearing blackface next to a person dressed up as a Klansmen. However, the Christian in me tells me not to seek revenge or enact punishment.  I’ve learned long ago to forgive racists, not because I believe racism subsided, but  resentment makes you just as vicious and ugly as the people you have grown to loathe. I learned it’s not good for my long term sanity to be aggrieved about things that occurred before I was born. My ancestors died so I can take advantage of the opportunities that are presented, not re-litigate Robert E. Lee, the Confederacy, or things that happened before I was born.  Slavery is America’s original sin and whether on earth or in heaven, those that engaged in evil will be judged by how they treated the less fortunate,

The Left can’t be angry over Gov. Northam and his photos because these photos were known for years. The reason Social Justice Warriors want Northam to resign is because they are angered over his imagined white privilege.  It infuriates and enrages the Left, because he isn’t virtue-signalling, having a flowery display of white guilt, or begging the Left for forgiveness. What equally enrages these crusaders is the masses are not running around hysterically over Ralph Northam’s past behavior. 
As with President Trump, the Left can’t stomach someone that doesn’t see him as a devil that must be destroyed. In their eyes, they are the purveyors of what is good and just. When they become angry and violent, they believe it’s justified because they believe any behavior they display is noble.

While these crusaders for Social Justice want to purge everyone that’s ever done a racist act or made inflammatory statements, they can’t see their own hypocrisy. It’s a known secret in Democratic circles that no Democratic politician, white or black, can expect to win black support unless they kiss the ring of racial instigators such as Al Sharpton, who once referred to the Jews as “Diamond Merchants” and started a pogrom against them known as the Crown Heights riots. Also, esse Jackson, who when he ran for President in 1984, called  New York City, “Hymie Town,” which was a racial slur against the Jews. Finally, Minister Louis Farrakhan, a man who claimed “Hitler was a great man”  and referred to the Jews as termites. 

For African Americans you can’t escape Leftism. It’s drummed into you that the white man is the devil and all conservatives are racist. However, the recent polls are showing that 60% of African Americans want Governor Northam to remain in office.  If Americans are supposed to be morally outraged over racist photos of Governor Northam, then we should be equally outraged over our newest members of Congress who attacked Israel and made inflammatory statements against the Jews, immediately after being elected to congress. If we allow the moral crusade to cleanse Congress of all people that have erred in sin, then we objectively need to call out white supremacists, radical leftist, or people of color that inject hateful language to keep people divided and angry at each other. 

If we keep going down this path of allowing  social justice crusaders to purge people from office based on actions they have committed years ago, how our government remain effective. As with Kavanaugh, sometimes the only true crime that sets off the crusade of highly partisan investigations, lawsuits, and even jail time, is simply disagreeing with or defeating the opposition.

Follow @Big_crusher1000 on Twitter. Jeffery is an award winning writer, who’s been published in the Washington Examiner and Street Sense Media.

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