The 2020 Presidential Elections by John A. Dwyer

The Presidential Elections are drawing near and with them comes all the hubbub and fanfare that accompanies every election in the United States. There will be huge claims of “what I will do”, and “what I will change” along with a cacophony of screams and accusations from hired political actors. The cost of all this preposterous entertainment could easily run many small countries for a year, and yet, we can’t seem to bring ourselves to elect anyone to a post much higher than to that of a street sweeper without it. What do we get for all the money we taxpayers shell out? Not much usually! This country pays more for lies than any other country in the world. And we get lies. The bigger the liar, the better we seem to like him. Once we elect the liar, we will defend him regardless of how deep a trench he digs himself into. If he puts an otherwise meaningless word or phrase on his political banner, we will proudly wear it because, “he’s my President”! We wear it even if the “change” he promised is nothing more than the change in our pockets after he milked every dime he could from us in taxes.
So, the question is, who should we elect for President in 2020? Well, I can’t answer that for everyone, so I will only put forth a few requirements that come to mind for me.

I’ve had a bellyful of “political correctness” in the eight years previous to the current President, so the farther from being “politically correct”, the better! I’m retired military, and I hate the thought of being asked to go to a foreign country, praying they won’t have more or bigger weapons. I want someone who will support our military, rather than denigrate it. I want to feel safe in my own home, so if that means a wall, fence, or even mote, I’m for the guy who will build it – Quickly! I want the drug pushers and gangs to be eradicated.I love the rest of the world, but unless they want to come into the United States legally, I want someone that will keep them out! We can’t afford to adopt the world’s population!I want someone who will rebuild our own infrastructure. We need better roads, better railroads, better bridges, better schools. We can’t continue to give our wealth away to other countries without serving our own citizens.

I want someone who will realize that he is in the White House to Serve the people and not to serve himself.I want someone who will intimidate career politicians and drain the DC swamp. I want whichever President we select to have direct, unfiltered, unredacted, immediate access to all citizens, so that what he tells us is not twisted by main stream media to suit their own purposes. I’m ancient, and I remember every President since Eisenhower. I remember the problems we faced as a nation while each President was in office. I remember how each President handled, or in some cases ignored, the problems he faced in office. Some Presidents were heroic, some acted cowardly, some were criminal! Some Presidents could captivate an audience with their singsong voices and perfect monologues, while others gave us a glimpse of what it would be like to have a dockworker in the White House. If the person with the title of President acts and demands the respect of our aggressors in his speech and fortitude, I will vote for him, and place my trust in him. I care more for action than I do for political party, or political correctness.
I want my Country’s Greatness Back!

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