The Silent Genocide by Daniel Kopp

There is a genocide occurring within our borders that has gone unnoticed for decades.

Since this genocide was legalized in the 1970’s, leftists have used deceitful political labeling and influential marketing to rebrand this murder as part of an individual’s right to choose. Our society has accepted the death of hundreds of thousands each year without batting an eye. It’s time for a change.

Each and every year, abortion is the number one cause of death in the United States, topping heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, yet our society has accepted and even celebrated the atrocity. This month in New York state, Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill that legalizes abortion up until the day of birth. After the signing, Democratic lawmakers gave a standing ovation to celebrate the expansion of their genocide. America should be sick.

We cannot allow the most vulnerable of our society to be stripped of their chance at life. The United States was founded the idea of individual liberties, that neither man nor government can infringe upon, yet we allow the termination of an individual before they can even express their God-given rights.

The topic of abortion is one of the most fiercely debated and divisive issues in our country. To understand why, we need to look at the root of what divides Americans. I believe it can be boiled down to the answer of a single question – when does life begin?

Progressives and liberals vehemently deny that life begins at conception. I believe that life, even in its smallest form, is still life. By the third week, yes just 21 days after conception, a baby’s heart first beats. An heartbeat is scientifically undeniable proof of independent life.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 34% of abortions take place in the first six weeks. That means a large percentage of abortions take place while the baby’s heart is already beating.

The most sobering fact is this genocide is paid for with our tax dollars. Each year the federal government gives roughly $500,000,000 to Parenthood Planned and another abortion providers. This has to stop now.

I recently had the honor to walk alongside thousands of pro-life advocates in the March for Life in Washington D.C. During the rally, I noticed something incredible, a large portion of the activists we’re high school and college students fighting for their voices to be heard.

I believe if the young people of this country learn the horrors of abortion and stand up for their beliefs, we will be the generation that ends abortion.

We cannot allow this silent genocide to continue.

Daniel Kopp, student at Miami University. Follow him on Twitter @theDanielKopp

One thought on “The Silent Genocide by Daniel Kopp

    By John A. Dwyer

    Much has been said about abortion over the years. Many churches are against it, many turn their heads and avoid the subject, some even proclaim to be for it. I see abortion as an abomination that will condemn many who have performed it, or had it performed to an eternity of misery. I have my reasons for being so adamantly against abortion, some which are faith based. In order to explain my position, one must understand my position on both life, and existence themselves.
    I cannot observe all the complexities and vastness of creation without coming to a belief in a Creator. I believe there was/is/will be a Prime Mover which placed everything observable into being. Form whatever sound or combination of letters you like on this entity, but for the sake of convention, I will call that entity God. When God created everything is inconsequential. How long it took God to create is equally inconsequential as well as whether the act of creation has been completed or if it continues. God creates! I believe God is pleased with what He creates. (Please don’t get hung up on the male pronoun) If God were not pleased with what He created, I doubt it would be in existence for very long.
    We humans are an arrogant, egotistical, bunch! We believe that we are at the very top of the animal hierarchy created by God! If this is true, God should be imminently pleased with His creation of us. What, then, gives us the right to arbitrarily destroy one of God’s greatest creations? One of, presumably, God’s primary laws was the forbiddance of murder. Murder is the killing of another human being by any means, for any reason outside of self-defense.
    Abortion can never be considered self-defense by any logical, reasonably intelligent human being, so the only defense for it is the viability, or humanity of the embryo. There exists no human being, of any level of intelligence, of any religious background, of any national origin, who can definitively say, without doubt, when “humanity” (a soul, for lack of a better term) is infused into that lifeform called an embryo! There is not viable test for the existence of a soul, neither is there any indication of its departure from the body.
    This being the case, I choose to err on the safest side of the argument. I choose to believe that humanity (a soul) is infused at conception! I cannot imagine a graver insult to slap the face of God with, than to willfully, and knowingly, destroy a member of His greatest creation!
    This brings us to the point of law. Before Wade vs. Roe, Law forbade abortion. The result was that young women who found themselves with a pregnancy that they could not cope with put themselves in the hands of the worst butchers society had to offer, and illegally had an abortion performed, often causing great pain and/or destruction of their ability to ever bare children again! This is a fate that no one wishes on young women.
    After Wade vs. Roe, abortions were legalized and women of almost every age could receive an abortion on demand by certified, skilled doctors. Unfortunately, this also had the effect of turning murder into an acceptable form of birth control. It also legalized genocide of a particular race of people simply because it was offered free of charge and advertised extensively in those affected neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood centers never seem to be found in white, affluent, neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood centers will never be found adjacent to those large, bright, shiney churches one sees popping up everywhere.
    If laws against abortion cause horrible injuries to the young, and laws for abortion cause horrible, disgusting, murders of unborn innocents, what, then is the answer?
    Perhaps the answer is to write no law either for or against abortion, and make that particular form of evil a decision to be made between the doctor and the pregnant woman. Let the judgement of right or wrong be made by God. The only moderately acceptable law might be that whomsoever performs the abortion, be a board certified physician, presumably one relieved of his moral obligation to preserve life!

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