Radical Member of Congress Snaps at a News Reporter by Seth Ian

Ilhan Omar has been the center of controversy since she entered congress. For one, she attacked the school kids at the pro-life rally. She is also accused of abusing the immigration system by marrying her brother according to multiple sources. On top of that, her obvious anti-Semitism is displayed for the public on her Twitter account.

She recently snapped at a news reporter, who was questioning her about all of these things. Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashid Talib, she has been a lighting rod for controversy and the press has the right to question her. President Trump has taken notice and has called for Omar to step down and resign.

When asked about that idea she said, “No thank you.” When she was further pressed by the reporter she responded, “Are you serious? What’s wrong with you?” Clearly, she doesn’t understand that there are consequences for actions, such as the ones she’s taken.

Her many racist and bizarre statements should have led to her resignation or at least had her removed from the House Committee of Foreign Affairs. She would not have been forgiven had she been a Republican, as there is an obvious double standard for conduct. Charlie Kirk referred to this as “Democrat Privilege.”

Time will tell whether she continues to ignite controversy and insult people. In the meantime, she remains on a major committee and is afforded tremendous respect on the left. Apparently for the Left, bigotry is acceptable if it is directed at white and Jewish people. Without any doubt, this short tempered congresswoman is an example of The Democrat party’s embrace of the far, radical left. This is bad news for the Democrats, but also the country as a whole.

Seth also writes for New Right Network. Follow him on Twitter @conservative013.

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