A President for the People by John A. Dwyer

Donald J. Trump is many things, few of which point to his intelligence and business and political savvy. He is vain. He is bold and brash. Political correctness never seemed to make a foothold in his personality. His admiration of women has gotten him into a bit of trouble in the past, but it seems to have mellowed with age and with the control his wife has over him. He sometimes speaks with the coarseness and colloquial vocabulary of the construction workers he has dealt with over the years, but his tone changes quickly in the boardroom. He then takes on the persona of someone who is most definitely in charge, someone who knows where he is going and exactly how to get there. His wealth is legendary, but it does not isolate him from the common man or their problems, which he is quick to attempt to find a solution for. He is Donald J. Trump! If truth be told, he would find himself comfortable wearing a cape and being on the front cover of a popular action comic book.
Mr. Trump is a product of his time. He grew up in the city that had everything, that could accomplish anything, and at a time when the entire world looked to it for guidance in the way forward. Backed by a wealthy father, he succeeded in becoming a national success of considerable wealth. His wealth and his many successes gave him a shield of invincibility that became the backbone for what should have been an impossible dream of becoming President of the United States! It seemed, at the time, that he was the only person absolutely convinced of his possibility of success. Every pundit in the Main Stream Media claimed, joyfully, that he never had a chance! Indeed, all polls had him well in the rear, right up until the final bell. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he brought the workers of America out of the woodworks, and collected enough votes in the Electoral College, to snatch the Presidency right out of the clutches of Hillary Clinton, the liberals shining star!
The bravado, the brash barroom brawling attitude, the distinct lack of political correctness, political correctness that had smothered Americans, was exactly what blue collar workers were looking for. They wanted someone who would fight and not shy from the mountains of mud slung at him from his vile adversaries. Those same blue-collar workers wanted to hear and to know that promises of jobs did not fall silent immediately upon Inauguration Day. They wanted to know that they still had a future, a future that had been stolen from them over the previous eight years. Workers wanted pride, pride in the fact that what they made with their hands were the best products made on the planet. They wanted their factories and their jobs brought back from foreign countries that made their products cheaply using near slave labor. Donald J. Trump was that candidate and is that President that is, and will continue to, Make America Great Again!
This ability, this bold brashness, this incorruptibility, is exactly what exacerbates his foes to the point of absolute hatred of President Trump. This blind hatred of him makes them seem like pawns in President Trump’s hands. They have no concept of which point of the compass he will attack them from. He treats their harshest attacks like a bear brushing aside the attacks of mosquitoes. They are mere side plays in the global politics game that President Trump is so masterful in. Time will tell whether Donald J. Trump will have a second term, but at this point, it would be difficult to see a worthy opponent in the Democrat lineup that defeats him.

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