America on the Precipice by John A. Dwyer

America is on the precipice of disaster. One side is Capitalism and the other is Socialism. Both sides have their problems, both their virtues. The biggest difference is in the extremes.

Socialism in its purest form cannot exist because humans are not pure. We are, at every level of society, looking out for our own good. We want! Period! If we can’t get what we want through our own labors, we want everything given to us through the Bernie Sanders method of acquiring wealth. — Take the wealth of others and claim it is “our right” to do so! A brief look at anyone who truly supports socialism will show the source of their wealth is taken from someone else. Socialists contribute nothing to the economy of a nation, – any nation! The extreme of socialism is always the same, some form of violent totalitarianism. Communism, dictatorship, monarchy. they all do the same thing, they step on the poor to make themselves rich.

Socialism cannot exist on its own because once 49% of the population labors to support the 51% leeches on society, the workers will slow down production and eventually stop working. Why work to support non-workers who can work but choose not to? When this happens, the only way to increase production and “feed the poor” is to whip the workers and Force more production out of them! China, USSR, Cuba, Germany, our own pre-civil war South, all proved that the extreme of Socialism becomes the extermination of dissenters! (Yes, slavery in our south was a form of Socialism!) Slavery, after all, is one group of people working for the sole benefit of another group of people and therefore, Socialism is a form of slavery! Different name, same game!

 The extremes of Socialism come on slowly. The people at the top don’t want to scare the workers (laborers) into an outright revolt. The first thing that must be done is to disarm the populace so that a revolt is impossible. Only then is the “whip of the leaders” effective. The whip is never applied to any large group at one time, and never publicized! The blame for the whip is always shifted to that one particular group of people selected to be the outcasts, the dregs, the subhuman of society who were purposely selected. The Jews in WWII Germany. The Irish in the 1800s. The slaves in the South. Whichever race is convenient to exterminate. “Don’t worry about them, they are just subhuman trash”! The leaders will claim that elimination of the “trash” will be a betterment to society! The only true believers in Socialism are those whose goal is to become a leader! Socialism always kills great numbers of people! ALWAYS!

   Capitalism, in and of itself, has its own problems with its extremes. It creates individuals of astonishing wealth and power! These people can sometimes crave more of the power that made them wealthy. They use their wealth to economically bludgeon those who are not wealthy. They can influence the politician into passing burdensome laws. They can create monopolies that force the little entrepreneurs out of business. They ruin the lives of the very people who worked to put them into their great wealth in the first place. It’s been said that Capitalism is a system of greed. This may be true, but it is “greed” that pushes a person to work long, hard hours to support his family and make a better life for his young. That kind of “greed” is not necessarily a bad thing. It is the drive to do better. Capitalism is the vehicle by which a person who has nothing can achieve his own personal greatness. Capitalism can only be maintained as a positive thing for the masses if there is a strong and effective means of a self-controlling government. One that is designed to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. We need to read that phrase each and every day! It needs to be written and taped on our refrigerator door. It should be among a child’s first words. They are that important!

   Of the People, by the People, and for the People”!  These words should be our battle cry whenever anyone comes to us with propositions of Socialism! If we are going to march, those words should be on as many signs as possible in huge letters! We are the answer to our problems today! We must get off our collective couches and gather in the streets in great numbers! We must go to the voting booths and vote for the PERSON who most aligns with our views!

   We must support and defend our Constitution of the United States before it is taken from us!

We, American Citizens, are the Only Ones who will, who can,


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