The Problem with Republicans by 1776 Ben

You have probably heard of Michelle Obama’s quote, “When we go high they go low.” This is not the case with the Left. They are constantly caught harassing, doxing, and calling for violence towards Republicans. I have yet to see Conservatives in the mass call out and take action against the Liberals for doing this. That is the problem with the people on the Right. We constantly let the Left push us around.

The Republican Party seems scared when it comes to facing the Left. This is because for way to long, we have let the Left walk all over us. We have let them decide what we see in the media. We have let them decide what we can and can’t say on the internet. We have let them spread lies and hate towards us with no repercussions.

If one Republican fought back against what is happening they would be attacked by hundreds of leftists; this is the case online or in person. This is because we, as a whole, are terrified to stand up to them because of what they are capable of doing. The Democrats have nearly the entire media on their side, and thousands of brainwashed people online and in person, ready to attack at any second. Remember when CNN doxed that person who made a gif of Trump smashing CNN in a wrestling meme? They were never held accountable for that. They have no limits.

They also have not been held accountable for what they did to the Covington boys. I saw outrage from some people in the Covington Incident, where all types of people called for the deaths of kids over fake news reports. There was very little done, though, and only a very small group of people are actually taking action. We need hundreds of people to take action. Not just a select few individuals.

Where was the outrage when there was voter fraud and house seats were being stolen during the midterm elections? Where was the outrage when several Democrat Congressmen and women called for infanticide? What is everyone doing when our Constitution is being taken away from us? Just recently, 11 states are wanting to sign a pact that will allow them to give their electoral votes to whichever Presidential candidate has the popular vote, regardless of what the people in the state voted for. This goes against what our founding fathers had envisioned for us. The GOP has sat by and let these things happen along with so many other instances.

We don’t have these big marches that they have. We don’t have these big demonstrations and protests. They are able to organize in huge numbers and go have their anti-Trump marches, while we just sit back and take it. If they do it, why don’t we? Why don’t we organize nationwide marches? A pro-Trump march, a pro-gun march, a pro-Constitution march. If we could get enough people to show everyone that we are out, and there are lots of us, I believe everyone would be less scared when it comes to fighting back. We need to do something. Call your representatives, organize a demonstration, go to your city council. We cannot stand by and let America be destroyed.

They will win at any cost, so we can sit here and let it happen, or take action and save this country.

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