The President Takes Democrats to Task on Immigration by Seth Ian

Yet again, President Trump is educating the left and taking an increasingly radical group of Democrats to task. The Democrats are seeking to put a limit on the number of deportations per year. This is just as absurd as putting a limit on annual arrests of criminals. There should be no limit when it comes to cracking down on criminal behavior. The President has responded on twitter.

On Monday, President Trump tweeted, “The Democrats do not want us to detain or send back criminal aliens!” Trump wrote on Twitter. “This is a brand new demand. Crazy!” President Trump is leading the way in standing up to immoral leftists who don’t view the scourge of illegal immigration as a severe problem. His leadership is exemplified in the fact that when controversial issues come up, he is always leading the party towards the correct approach.

The President was responding specifically to a leftist representative targeting his administration. “For far too long, the Trump administration has been tearing communities apart with its cruel immigration policies,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) said in a statement. “A cap on ICE detention beds will force the Trump administration to prioritize deportation for criminals and people who pose real security threats, not law-abiding immigrants who are contributing to our country.”

The President responded “The Border Committee Democrats are behaving, all of a sudden, irrationally.” He continued, “Not only are they unwilling to give dollars for the obviously-needed Wall (they overrode recommendations of Border Patrol experts), but they don’t even want to take murderers into custody! What’s going on?”

Indeed it’s a very understandable response. There should not be limitations on Ice agents trying to do their job. We have no way of knowing the specific number of criminal illegals who will come into the country per year. Security for Americans should be a top priority. Sadly, much of the left disagrees with that basic premise.

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