Ilhan Omar: The Radical Left by Seth Ian

The Democrats are always full of surprises. Once you think they can’t go any further to the left, they somehow extend their boundaries of extremism. If the Green New Deal wasn’t convincing enough, the Democrats are clamoring for even more radical positions. Even Nancy Pelosi isn’t able to catch up, as she came out in opposition to the Green New Deal.

The same Ilhan Omar, who aimed to get leniency for certain members of ISIS, is now saying the whole DHS should not receive any government funding. When these extremists say they want to abolish ICE, they mean it. Ilhan Omar, open anti-semite, has been leading this charge along with her good friend Alexandria Oscario Cortez.

In a tweet Ilhan mad the absurd statement, “When Democrats stood our ground last month, we proved that individual one does not have the public support to ram his hateful wall through congress.” See her Tweet below calling, referencing her call to eliminate funding for ICE. Thus, she is calling to abolish DHS and says that a barrier with the singular function of protecting our citizens is “hateful.”

This far left radicalism is harmful for our country and shows that the left has abandoned all reason and pretext. They do not see America as a great country worth protecting. This is a threat to national security and must be met with firm opposition. The wall and DHS are essential to keeping the border safe and, ultimately, in keeping America safe.

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