Clarity: The 2019 State of The Union Address by Chad Quigley

The extremism that has progressively started to dominate the Democratic party has drawn a moral distinction between the right and the left. It is slowly becoming more evident that the root of the Democratic agenda is largely founded in nihilism, obstruction, and anti-American sentiments. Social justice, for example, has evolved into a male-hating, abortion-supporting, transgender-pushing machine that cannot be opposed or questioned under any circumstance. The evil that lurks within the Democratic party was brought into the spotlight in the 2019 SOTU, and largely exposed by President Trump.

When Trump glorified the ICE Agent who was responsible for saving hundreds of girls from sex trafficking, Alexandria Oscario-Cortez and other Democrats refused to stand. Surely, they were just accommodating their views and previous statements calling for the abolishment of ICE. However, here is direct evidence that ICE officials are a force for good, lawfulness, and protection. To not stand, directly contrasts their supposed view that all human lives are worth protecting. Also, this ICE official was a LEGAL immigrant, which is just icing on the cake.

Every human life does deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Democratic feminists and social justice advocates, who purport to be defenders of the dignity of all human lives, cloud the greatest evil the world has ever seen in abortion. The tactics Hitler used displayed the idea that evil can be manipulative and catalyzed by “good” motives. Well, millions of babies have been murdered in the name of feminism and the “freedom to choose.” Pro-life advocates around the country-those who understand the deception-were overwhelmed with joy when Trump emphatically stated that the United States would defend the lives of the unborn.

The response from the Democrats? Silence.

However, when Trump positively noted the success of women in the workforce, they went wild. Not in gratitude for Trump’s economic success, but because they felt that it was a “gotcha” moment for them. They started pointing at themselves and cheered wildly.

Sometimes poor judgments are made when emotions are tense, and especially when you have to listen to a President tout his pro-American achievements for over and hour.

Trump embraced the moment and went into his specific congratulatory message to the newly-elected, female members of congress. The ultimate result was an anger-fueled USA chant from the Democratic women, likely motivated by them thinking that women are taking control back from the tyrannical patriarchs. However, the USA chant was welcomed by both sides as they started chanting together,


A win for Trump and a win for America, frankly.

There were many moments worth noting from the 2019 SOTU that exposed the hypocrisy and self-aggrandizing nature of far too many Democrats. I highly recommended watching the full-speech if you have not done so already. The Democrats have lost their sense of objectivity. Good is only good when they determine it to be good. President Trump delivered a genuine speech that captured the essence of what makes America so special. The reactions of the Democrats provided Americans with exactly what they needed in this time of opposing ideology and morality.


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