Something’s Wrong in America by John A. Dwyer

Something is wrong, and we need to fix it. If we don’t fix what is wrong with our country soon, we will no longer have a country to fix! This is not rhetoric, this is historical fact! What is said here is meaningless unless “We The People” take back our country from those who are stealing it right now! It does not take a Ph.D. to see which group of people are responsible for the destruction of our country. It is in the news every day, on the TV every evening, it is even being invited into our country over our southern borders and allowed by our contemptible southern neighbors.
Yes, we need a wall, or a fence, or a structure, or an endless line of armed guards. Whatever it is called, whatever is necessary, we need to stop, or at least slow down the unlawful invasion from the south! We also need to revamp our immigration laws and system to make it fair for both American citizens and foreign nationals who honestly want to make America their home, legally and honorably.
We have a problem, and the problem lies within our two-party system which is so easily hijacked by anyone who can scream loudest and longest and even strip naked in the streets to profess their lies. The operatives who stand in the streets, or even those who scream from their Hollywood microphones, know very little of the utter devastation they are promoting. They have been schooled by the best to know just enough to be able to become publicly known and to indoctrinate other impressionable minds. 
We have allowed the third entity into our political system. We have allowed progressives in (or whatever they call themselves today). Progressives want nothing to do with our form of government, in fact, they want to end democracy! Progressives attached themselves to the Democratic party and filled the heads of the poor with promises of gold, but they, in fact, care nothing for the plight of the poor. They care only for power! They will tell any lie they need to in order to attain power. They will ruin as many lives as necessary to achieve absolute power because that is what they crave, that is what drives them! They know that they cannot achieve power on their own. They know that they must affiliate with an accepted political party that they can corrupt from within. They know that the party they affiliate with must have at least a few of the ideals they profess to have. Their lies are many, their lies are huge, their lies are based on unachievable claims, the failure of which can then be blamed on others.
We have a two-party system, which is necessary to maintain a balance in our government and in our country. They happen to be called Republican and Democrat, but they’ve gone by many names in the past. This balance keeps both sides of the political fence in check and keeps both from getting too powerful. There are two problems: The first is when one side gets too much control. That’s when the country goes haywire. Power corrupts!
The other problem is the influence of outside forces which want to see the demise of our country and specifically our form of government. This pernicious outside force continually changes its name in order to confuse while they subvert. Today it is called progressivism. Today it has latched on to the Democratic party, simply because they struck a chord with Democrat thinkers who didn’t recognize the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Many Democrats are level-headed people who simply want their views represented and want nothing to do with the violent, brash, irreverent behavior of the progressives, yet they see it as their only alternative to the conservative choice of representative (regardless of who that might be).
When we buy into the political rhetoric of either party we lose a little more of our country! We each need to look closely at what each side, each candidate, is selling and decide for ourselves. If we look at EVERY political candidate as if they were a used car salesman trying to push a clunker on us, we would have a much more stable country!
We can, as the saying goes, “make America great again”, but it going to take the positive actions of a great many of us to do so. It is going to take a great many of us looking for the good in others rather than the bad. It is going to take leaders with positive things to put forward to their constituents rather than a continual, worthless, rant aimed at the current occupant of the White House. It is also going to take a responsible use of mass communication and public view!
We have had enough of the domination of the Public Airways and News Media!
We need change – Yes – but we need change for the good, not for the bad. We need change that benefits all of us, not a select few.
We need to listen to the wisest speaker, not the loudest mouth!

Follow John on Twitter @ Quiet_John_47. He is a retired Navy Veteran and excellent political analyst. Make sure to donate to our GoFundMe, too. Any amount helps!

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