Inhibitive Progressivism by John A. Dwyer

These days it seems like we are all being put into someone else’s little box. We are placed there for a variety of reasons, most of them wrong. We even climb into some boxes of our own free will. There are many boxes: black, white, northerner, southerner, gay, straight, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative. The list goes on forever, and the one common denominator that all of those boxes have is that they divide us and separate us  from each other, and make us smaller than we actually are!

I don’t like being put into someone’s box. I don’t want what I consider a complex individual to be forever labeled simply because of how I react to one event in my life, or because I happen to believe differently than some on one particular subject. That’s not fair to me and it’s not fair to others because it may hide so many traits that we may have in common.

I was born and raised in New York City, yet I spent a significant portion of my life in the South, so am I a “Yankee” or am I a “Southern Gentleman”? I’ve been called both, and neither are actually correct, because I’ve visited 17 countries and 48 states and have been around the world three times. I’ve lived in Iceland, Spain, and Bermuda for a period of a year and a half in each country. So what box are you going to put me in?

I had/have a great deal of respect for John F. Kennedy, despite his numerous reported affairs, and I considered him a dedicated, sincere, patriotic, President. Does that make me a Democrat? I think not! I also had that same respect and admiration for Ronald Reagan! I don’t quite fit in either box. I have distinctly liberal, and at the same time conservative feelings, depending on the topic at hand. How do I vote? That depends upon the person I am voting for.

The bottom line is that if you truly want to know what my stand is on a particular subject, you are going to have to ask me, but that means you may have to actually get to know me, and that may be a surprise for you. I could give a thousand times a thousand examples of times when I was surprised by another individuals actual interests, knowledge, background, personality, which were radically different than my first impression of that person.

I enjoy the differences in people, much as I enjoy the differences in food. I enjoy hearing about where home was or where they were educated, what their religious beliefs are, or how they make a living. I like people, without all the inhibiting labels others like to put on them. If I disagree with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean I hate them, it simply means we need to either come to an agreement, or just change the subject.

All this being said, there are some factions, some groups of people, who are set on disrupting our country in an effort to destroy it. They put people into smaller and smaller boxes, because they know there is truth in the principle of “divide and conquer”. These people see the United States, not as a land of opportunity for its citizens, but as a land of minions that can be made to be subservient to them. They want a country of slaves, but this time they want all people, all races, all religions, and all backgrounds to be their Slaves!

Progressivism is not the identity (or box) of a religion, or race, or origin, or status. It is the name of an insidious plague that has infected many of our citizens and coerced them into standing against other citizens in our country in an effort to destroy our country. There are no lofty ideals in Progressivism, no beliefs in a Divine Creator, no goals for a better tomorrow, only the spread of hatred for anything and everything! We are in a fight to the death (of our Nation) with the ideology of Progressivism, and if we lose, there will be literally Nothing to pass on to our progeny!  They will inherit a life of slavery, a life of misery as no other inhabitant of Earth has ever been subjected to.

  John is a retired, Navy Veteran and is on Twitter @Quiet_John_47.

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