Progressivism Exposed by John A. Dwyer

Progressivism, on the surface, sounds like some giant leap forward in human thinking. It tries to convince the public that there are new and realistically-utopian, modern principles for human interaction, finance, and governance. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The young people in our educational system, are being fed intellectual pablum and outright lies! The books they read (ordered to read) are either trash, hot off the presses, or rewritten history that pushes minds towards the Progressive way of thinking. History itself is being rewritten.

Progressives claim they want a New World Order, where all people are governed by one central government, which has enough power to make each person’s life equal to each other’s. Each person would have essentially the same amount of goods and services as everyone else. Each persons living quarters (not necessarily a house) would be an equal dwelling. Each person’s level of medical care would be available to all. (Single payer, of course) Each person would have adequate transportation to and from work. Each person would be taxed fairly, and according to their own personal income. The air and the water would be infinitely cleaner because the polluting machines of Capitalism would cease to exist. There would be no more wars because there would be no more Nationalistic Countries starting them. There would be no more crime, because with everyone the same, there would be no more envy or jealousy. Utopia!

Sounds good on the surface. When one looks a little closer though, just beneath the surface in fact, one can see the lies. One can see that humans cannot achieve any form of Utopia, because we are, after all, human. We all have our failings. We are all “hardwired” to commit those sins of humanity, greed, envy, lust, hatred, gluttony. We want Everything for Ourselves! These sins, however, are the things that drive humanity forward instead of backward. They are what makes us climb into a pile of tin and shoot ourselves towards the stars. We want the best medical treatment for ourselves, but this is what pushes science and medicine forward to achieve better health products and services. Everything that mankind has achieved is a product of the burning desire to be better than our neighbor in one way or another. Admittedly, this drive drags along with it many problems, many sorrows, many ills, but without that drive, we would never have come out of the caves our ancestors lived in.

The “gifts and benefits” that Progressivism offers are nothing new, in fact, they go back to antiquity.

One World Order, was achieved by the Romans, yet not only did it eventually fail, but we no longer even speak their language!

All people living with essentially the same goods and services was seen during Medieval times. They had Nothing, and practically No services. They lived on dirt floors, had very little good food, and no chance to improve themselves. They lived under the thumb of a Central Government, the King! Exercising even One of the freedoms we enjoy in the United States would get them executed for “crimes against the Crown”! A sweet life that was!

Progressivism is the promise of poverty, misery, serfdom, and hopelessness. It offers nothing for the common man and a rich life for the leadership. Leaders would not be elected, they would be forced upon the populace. Grievance would be unheard of and totally impossible. Assigned labor positions would be enforced by violent means. Socialism means that the individual’s labor would be heavily taxed to the benefit of others who do not work. Once 49% of workers support 51% of non-workers, there will be a revolt. This type of revolt can only be controlled by violent means. This is nothing new either. The USSR, China, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Spain, Africa, have all used violence to control revolts. History shows more incidences of control by violence than any other means.

Progressive = Progress? Hardly! Progressivism means a rapid Regression back to the Dark Ages of human history!

John is a retired Navy Veteran and one of our top, political analysts. Follow him on Twitter: @Quiet_John_47

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