Left Wing Immorality by Seth Ian

Michelle Malkin put it best in a tweet “It’s not complicated. Radical Democrats are all for sanctuaries and safe spaces-except for unborn, full-term babies in the womb.”

These words ring true for while Democrats across the spectrum of leftism defend illegal alliens and feign concern their is virtual silence in response to the injustice of abortion on demand.

Only a few months back The Dems were fighting for Roe Vs.Wade, which in itself, disrespects the life of the unborn. Now they have reached a level of unfathomable extremism. The governor of the once red Virginia is now for abortion even after the baby is removed from the womb. New York, under Cuomo, is also celebrating death in the form of more relaxed abortion laws. The freedom tower was lit pink in honor of Cuomo’s embrace of lax abortion laws. Perhaps red would have been more appropriate.

They are now openly for abortion on demand and in the VA case, even a baby in the 9th month is not out of the reach of these people who call themselves pro choice.
The question begs to be asked: is another human being’s life at the mercy of someone else’s choice? Is this not the very definition of murder?

While the left virtue-signals about inviting the whole world to America and seething against border walls, which would save American lives, the evil at the root of leftism is on full display in the abortion debate. Celebrating the right to murder babies is hardly the right thing to do. In the words the left loves to use, “This is not who we are.” However, it is not simple rhetoric when used in the context of granting unborn lives the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while millions of lives have been lost.


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