Harmony by John A. Dwyer

America was once like a orchestra playing a beautiful symphony. It was as if we were all dissimilar instruments coming together under the direction of a masterful conductor to accomplish the same common goal, the symphony! Prior to December 7th 1941, we had no goal. We were all pulling in different directions. There was discord in the “United” States. The entire world was in the same state of disarray. War was everywhere and countries were only united in their effort to put other countries into disarray in order to conquer them.

December 7th 1941 changed America in a devastating and curiously wonderful way. The attack on Pearl Harbor on that day united America in a way that nothing else could. We became that “orchestra” with a common goal. Our symphony was nothing less than the liberation of the entire world from the tyranny that had strangled it! We came together and went from a second rate country with petty arguments to the most powerful force the world had ever seen! We became The United States of America! Our “conductor” was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was the right man, at the right time, and he guided us through the most difficult time our country ever faced.

It’s been 76 years since the event at Pearl Harbor, and our country is again horribly divided. We have been divided along every line imaginable. We distrust everyone. It seems that the only uniting force left is hatred – of everything and anything. Our Congress is a mockery of the definition of the word, congress. Our once great orchestra is now a cacophony of the discordant screaming of meaningless political positions. We have very effectively been led astray. There is no Harmony in our country any longer.
Our Constitution was written during another time of disarray, but it was written by very intelligent men who knew that in order for our fledgling country to survive, it must have a system of checks and balances. A system was needed so that no single person, or group of people could dominate the rest. The Constitution was written to provide those very checks and balances, but lately, the Constitution has been ignored. Our Federal Government has been subverted. Laws are meaningless. The words “We the People” have been changed to mean “We the Dominators” and “You the Trampled”. America is no longer the world’s leader. America can no longer come together on anything. Recent events have proven that again and again.

This is not a time to point fingers. No one is right, nor is anyone wrong. We are simply different. We have different viewpoints. We have different values. We look differently, speak differently, worship differently, work differently. We have different individual goals. But then, we always have! That is exactly what makes America Great! We can bring all those differences together and strive for a common goal. We can support each other and mold our differences into something that is unique and wonderful. We must be able to erase the dividing lines and search out answers to our differences. We cannot allow ourselves to be so divided.
America is unique. America is exceptional! It is this very uniqueness and exceptionalism that makes living in America so desirable. If our “representatives” are the cause of our division, we must fire them and hire others that will bring us together again. Together, America can accomplish anything! Together we can even achieve Harmony!

An honest look at the actual positions we, as individuals, take on specific topics, will show that we Americans are not that far apart in our thinking. We want the freedoms that our Bill of Rights provides each of us. We want our children to have a chance for a better life than we had. We want to lead the world to peace. We also want to help the poor of the world gain a better life for themselves. All of these desires can be accomplished if we reunite ourselves and tackle each point on its own. We cannot accomplish anything if we allow ourselves to continue to be divided.

Nationalism is simply a word that describes a country that works together as a family. Even families can have individuals with differing views, but if they act as a family unit, they can survive almost anything that life throws at them. If we as a nation can unite as a family, there is little we cannot accomplish. Our brief history as a nation has proven this time and again. We can solve our own problems and many of the worlds problems through National Harmony.

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