What Strikes Me About Socialism by Peter Moon

Capitalism’s main drive (which we are taught) is to create money. That’s it. The first real goal of any company is to create money through a means of selling items, use of property, or services (like railroads and hotels). However, what is spawned out of capitalistic competition is what makes it so good. When Apple creates a better, safer, and faster product than Microsoft, Microsoft tries to find a way to make their products even better. If Motel 6 across the street starts offering “2 free nights with every 3 days’ worth of purchase,” Hotel 8 will try and find a better deal for it’s customers, like “We have our pools cleaned more regularly, and they’ve been approved by the FDA.” (or something like that) When businesses compete with each other, the usual outcome benefits the consumer. This isn’t a new idea; most conservatives know these rules. However, we need to compare this to a socialistic economy.

In a socialist-style country and economy, the government is supposed to own and regulate all forms of production and wealth in order to make them “more fairer to the worker and poor citizen.” This seems perfect on paper; gone are the issues of poverty (since no one is poorer than another), the problems with hunger (since no one gets less food than the other), and ‘wealth/pay gaps’ (since no one gets paid more than the other). However, what happens in practice? While the workers do get equal pay, their payments go down. We know from Venezuela that businesses start to flee, which lowers the amount of available jobs. With this comes the tax issue. While businesses have to pay more to the government, there are fewer businesses who do so. Socialism’s regulations and tax increases don’t encourage fairness and happiness; they encourage compliance, obedience, and silence. Yeah, free healthcare would be a great thing. However, no one wants to actually fully-fund such an idea. Free college is a great thing; however, college isn’t meant for everyone. Thus, it doesn’t need to be paid for all. Equalized pay seems great for hard working workers, right? What about those lazy losers who get paid for showing up and doing nothing?
That’s socialism’s main flaw. The second flaw comes with the enforcement of these policies.

Politicians are inherently greedy. Not all men and women want to rule the entire globe. But, the reason to run for power turns into “I want to create and enforce my beliefs.” How do you control these politicians, then? Through money. As a businessman, you have an obligation to support yourself, your family, and your business. What happens when you’re threatened by the government to pay up to 70% (mind you, they’re already supposed to pay over 30% before 2017)? You’re going to look for as many loopholes and exits as possible to avoid that. It’s just common sense. What happens when we as citizens are able to pay less in taxes through deductions for our disabilities and situations? We’ll take the opportunity to pay less every single time. This isn’t evil; it’s not my fault for being legally blind. Some would even call this move “smart”. However, these businesses who support socialists like Sanders and AOC don’t wish to pay that 70% tax they’re being threatened with; they already don’t pay the 30% in the current time period. Every time you slam down more steel barriers on someone, they’ll try and find a way to lessen the load for themselves. The new tax calls for all able-bodied businesses to pay 70% in taxes? Well, looks like I’m going full-disabled then! The law never said “all dis-abled bodied companies”, right? Do you see my point? Under a capitalistic system, these same politicians already use these methods to cheat the system. However, they’re still employing Americans and citizens, right? At least they’re not taking potential employment slots away from the country they’re in due to a +50% overhead tax. Under a Socialist-driven economy, these businesses would leave the second they’re challenged with a mountain of expected payment to the government. I’m not criticizing their actions in this situation; I’d do the exact same thing if I were in their shoes. However, it turns into a criticism when you realize that some of these businesses supported these candidates in the first place! Why would you support such a candidate if you aren’t even going to follow their rules? Hypocrisy, I say!

Another issue I have with Socialism is that it turns into an autocratic state. What have we seen with communistic-socialistic states like Russia, China, Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, and other nations? Every single nation has turned into an autocratic state. In China, they forced abortions on the population to “regulate birth rates in order to stop over-population”. In Cuba, Castro’s regime imprisoned and murdered political dissidents. In Venezuela, peaceful protestors were mowed down by security forces under an unstable government. In Germany, we have the anti-Jewish Nuremburg Laws, and ultimately, the concentration camps. In Canada, we have public tribunals. In the U.K., a man is jailed for a joke dissing Nazis with his dog. In modern day Germany, they wipe away history like in Orwell’s 1984. In fact, American Conservatives have seen the worst of this pre-reign Socialist behavior-social control. Conservatives are not allowed to appear on campus. History favoring the Right is twisted into anti-capitalist diatribes from professors. Students who do not “respect” those of “different cultures” are publicly disowned by their universities (by “respect” I mean follow the white-knight rules set up by the university officials in order to “protect” the minorities). Sure, in older day America, Capitalists would establish monopolies in order to stop competition and the flow of money. They’d underpay workers, and let them operate in brutal and hazardous environments. But, this was reformed by the late great Teddy Roosevelt.

While the Progressive Era had it’s greats, it also had it’s faults. But, Capitalism was controlled, and through this control, has become better made to appease and support consumers. However, Socialism has never gone through this reform era. There has never been an anti-autocratic Socialist who has supported policies restraining government from expanding to become Autocratic later on. However, on the Right we have men like Teddy Roosevelt, William McKinley, and Dwight Eisenhower-all men who wanted to reduce out-of-control capitalism and stop racial, economic, and general entities from harming consumers. Take Eisenhower-a man who supported non-segregation, who stopped the Little Rock mayhem, and who helped bring down a “far-Right” regime. Roosevelt brought down the monopolies and trusts which tried to overtake their spheres of business. Richard Nixon, a villain in the Left’s eyes, stopped dangerous out-of-control actions by businesses to make the consumer much safer. All of these men were able to channel and make capitalism a better vehicle for success. Can you, the Leftist reader, name me one person who’s ever tried to propose a Socialist economy, which tried to stop autocratic elements from taking it over? Please, name me one. I wait for your reply.
The last issue I’ll cover here is the blatant forgetfulness which those on the Left (and some on the right) have with these regimes. Did you know, in the 1970s the USSR (Russia) dropped these things called “butterfly bombs” onto Middle Eastern children in an attempt to bring their country-of-origin (which they were invading at the time) to their knees? These “butterflies” would explode near children’s hands, horribly mutilating them. Did you know, in 1944, Germany held hundreds of thousands of Jews in these things called “concentration camps”? I’m sure we all were taught about them in school, but for those Holocaust deniers reading this, I’ll just briefly remind you about them. In these camps, they’d kill people from guard towers at night if they were spotted trying to escape. In these camps, they’d first cut your hair, brand you, and then, if you were unfit for work, they’d send you for a “shower”. In this shower, you and a dozen other people would be gassed to death. Once all of you were dead, they’d then shuttle you to the furnaces, where they’d burn all of you away to conserve space. If you were fit for work, they’d work you literally till you dropped. They didn’t treat you like we did (yes, we had camps for our own citizens in 1941). While it may have been wrong to jail a bunch of people like that, we weren’t mass-killing them off. By the way, slightly related fun bonus fact: In the course of the two World Wars, at both wars’ times, we were run by Democrats in the Oval. In both administrations, we took an early isolationist stance on the war which did not help our allies in any way. In both wars, we were provoked into combat. And, finally, in both wars, we set up huge camps for a certain demographic (German under Wilson, and Asian under Roosevelt).
Did you know, in the 1950’s and 60’s, they had mass killing fields in Asia under Pol Pot?

Every single time we bring this up however, someone like Sanders will claim that leader “got Socialism wrong”. And no, I won’t rebut that argument-PragerU and Steven Crowder have at least 10 videos between themselves which can do a proper rebuttal to that claim. But, when Sanders is asked about the evils of Socialism, he doesn’t try to come up with plans to avoid the same fate that befell Venezuela or Cambodia. He doesn’t explain his path to stop the government in the case of an autocratic overthrow. All he and his cronies do is promise “universal” this and “free” that. So, I ask you, the Conservative student reading this: When your circle of friends start to spout off “how great Sanders or AOC is” will you do me a solid and ask them how that person intends to stop the autocratic takeover Socialism experiences every single time it is placed into power? And don’t be afraid to speak up, either; most of these college students aren’t able to do research (apparently).

I say that last statement because of this: If you are able to do research, then go ahead. I urge you-no, I beg you to. Please, please, please go ahead and look up what Pol Pot, Maduro, Stalin, Breshnev, and Castro did to their political adversaries. Look up how many businesses have fled Cuba, Venezuela, China, Germany, and Russia (back in the 1970’s). After you’ve done that research, then please come back to me and seriously try to justify why I should support your socialist candidate.

Peter writers for The Political Curriculum, in addition to TUC, and is on Twitter @realPeterMoon.

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