The Dangers of the National Popular Vote Movement by Matt Zupon

Ever since America’s first national election between George Washington and John Adams, candidates and politicos alike understood the methods of attaining a Presidential victory: win the Electoral College. Though the winner of the Electoral College frequently bests their opponent in the popular vote, some historical examples prove otherwise. Despite the fact that the first Presidential election to experience this occurred in 1824, with three others in between, the number of leftists attempting to ignite an upheaval of our Republic continues to multiply following the election of Donald J. Trump. As we all know, President Trump lost the popular vote to former First Lady Hillary Clinton by about three million votes but won the Electoral College decisively.

This nationalized push, also known as the “National Popular Vote” movement, wants to rid our elections of the cherished Electoral College and replace it with, as the name suggests, a popular vote to decide the Presidency. While this appears as a legitimate means of representing everyone’s votes equally, population density proves that large, elitist pockets of metropolitan America like New York City and Los Angeles would dominate the smaller areas, such as the midwest. If enacted, this push would effectively send candidates crawling to a few major cities in New York, California, and Texas.

Perhaps the most frightening factor of this uprising stems from the reality that these radical activists will not stop if they get their way. As we see with every progressive agenda throughout history, the “genuine and reasonable cause” evolves from just that to socialism. For example, take a look at welfare. Originally designed to benefit citizens facing economic riptides by providing them with assistance for food and clothing, the program morphed into a mess. Unfortunately, one too many people now abuse the system and live off of the taxpayer. Even more detrimental, the welfare system established a magnet that attracts foreigners and incentivizes them to cross our borders.

Regarding borders, the crisis on our Southern border led to the thirty-five day government shutdown which furloughed many workers, including those serving in the Coast Guard. The same people that want to tie up a “safety net” now say that the safety net will not stretch far enough and continuously call for kicking people off of their private health insurance to force millions onto a government subsidy. This push for a national popular vote may one day advance into a restriction on voting rights in general. As we just saw in the news, states such as Pennsylvania and Texas found thousands of undocumented immigrants on their voter rolls. Our founding fathers designed the Electoral College to prevent rigging elections this way.

Thankfully, many patriots continue to arm themselves with the knowledge to halt the progression of restricting votes. Bobby Lawrence, Founder of “Protect Your Vote”, recently answered some questions regarding his fight against the National Popular Vote Movement.

Mr. Lawrence unsuccessfully sought a seat in the United States Senate from Pennsylvania in 2018. He continues his battle for conservative values by serving on the Republican Committee of Franklin County in addition to Chairing Protect Your Vote.  The Protect Your Vote movement now hosts at least one operative in twenty two states and continues to grow. When speaking to Mr. Lawrence, he explained the reach of the opposition movement. Most recently the Colorado and New Mexico legislatures passed laws that undermine our Republic. They would join eleven other states and DC in the passage of these hideous election rules. Just the other day the Virginian legislature shut down a bill trying to start these laws in their Commonwealth. Mr. Lawrence stated that the NPV organization plans on targeting thirty more states to pass these laws.

If you wish to prevent the upheaval of our Republic, our Constitutional rights, our elections, and our belief in self-governance, join the team fighting to defend them. Whether your contributions include monetary value, canvassing door to door, contacting your state and federal representatives, or just simply talking with your friends, we cannot let the radical left rescind our Republic. If they prevail in their effort it will change our Constitutional Republic into a functioning pure democracy. History shows us what happens, our personal freedom and individual liberty will suffer the long walk into the darkness. We need to step up and preserve our future starting now!


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