The Evil We Can’t Forget by Hunter Burton

Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, recently signed into law abortion provisions that would allow a baby to be aborted at any time during woman’s pregnancy. Let us not gloss over what this truly means. The barbaric legislation would make it legal to butcher a fully developed human baby- an innocent and precious child. Under the guise of “women’s rights”, thousands of babies will be murdered at the hands of health professionals and mothers who have no sense of morals or decency.

Following suit, other states have indicated interest in enacting similar legislation. Kathy Tran of Virginia has pushed a bill that would broaden the scope of time in which an abortion could take place, even until a woman was dilating, according to questions posed to her during her presentation. It seems that babies might not even safe after birth. Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia said the following in a radio interview: “The infant would be delivered; the infant would be kept comfortable; the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desire, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother” (Massimo). Although not clearly stated, it definitely appears that he is acknowledging the possibility of killing a birthed child.

When the New York law was signed, the only word that could describe the scene was disturbing. The atmosphere was dystopian in its context. Adults were clapping, smiling, and cheering at the now legal ability to have an abortion late in pregnancies. Why? Even supporters of abortion have previously said that the decision to abort a pregnancy is a difficult one. Why would people rejoice at this new law? If anything, a moment of somber reflection and thought should have taken place, if not inner horror at the thought of losing lives.

These new laws have shown that we are hurtling down a dangerous path, which the United States began with Roe v. Wade. Where does it stop? Conservatives understand that abortion is murder. Why do we call it something else? Abortion seems to be a word that inadequately describes the actions taken. Children have been quite literally wrenched apart while still inside the woman who should protect them at any cost. The providers who perform these procedures are the embodiment of evil.

Let us not forget what has happened and become accustomed to it. Babies are being annihilated in the name of “choice” and “personal autonomy”, terms spouted by so-called pro-choice advocates. Their policies enable no such things. Abortion is the thieving of a woman to be able to love her child, watch him or her grow, and experience the joys of having children, or enabling someone else to experience those things through adoption. If that wasn’t enough, they imprison a woman into a life of guilt and shame for her decision.

I am horrified that there are people in my country that find the deaths of children acceptable. I am horrified that the conservative voice has not been stronger and more fervent in standing for the rights of these children. I am horrified that individuals who call themselves religious have the audacity to tell people that abortion is a personal choice that should be allowed. May God forgive those that support abortion, and may he forgive us that stand in opposition if we ever fall silent.

Massimo, Rick. “Virginia Gov. Northam on road projects, teacher pay, shutdown, more.” WTOP, 30 January 2019,, Accessed 30 January 2019.

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