Build That Wall by Seth Ian

Many of the supporters of President Trump voted for him, at least in part because of his promise to build a wall with Mexico to keep out drugs and illegals. This was his signature issue.

He has faced opposition from both the cheap labor wing of The Republican party and from Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, who call the very idea of protecting this country with a wall immoral. This is the opposition President Trump is facing.

The government shutdown, which recently occurred, was designed to bring the Democrats to the table to agree for more wall funding. The Democrats, most likely emboldened by their taking over the House, would not even meet the President halfway. Despite this, President Trump reopened the government.

Now the key is to get funding for the border and build the wall. As proven in many countries from Hungary, Vatican City and Israel, walls do work in keeping out illegal aliens. Maybe that’s why the Democrats don’t want a border wall. They’ll lose voters.

Now friend and colleague of President Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham has made the priorities crystal clear. “To everybody wondering how this movie ends – it ends this way: We’re going to build the wall one way or another.” This is how Senator Graham described the reality to Sean Hannity on Fox. Lets hope the President gets support from his Republican congress and builds the wall once and for all. By doing so, they would be saving lives and helping to Make America Great Again.


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