The Costs and Profits of Babies by John A. Dwyer


Money should never be a factor in the life or death of an unborn baby, but it is. What follows is a brief comparison of childbirth options. Unfortunately, abortion is the least expensive option for the mother, and it is also the most profitable for the abortionist. Why this continues is a matter of politics, and where the votes are placed when choosing those who make the laws. Roe vs. Wade gave abortionists the legal consent to be highly paid murderers.



The fees for the birth of a baby vary from hospital to hospital, but it can average around $5,000-8,000. If money is a problem, one can choose a natural childbirth with a medically trained individual in attendance for far less money.


The average cost of adoption for non-foster care domestic adoption ranges from $8,000- $40,000 and is organized by an adoption agency or by an independent party.

No assistance to adoptive parents. No tax money to offset costs. Strict, restrictive rules governing qualifications of adoptive parents. WHY?



In general, the cost of an abortion can range anywhere from $0-950. Why such a big range? The cost of abortion depends on a few different things about you and your situation. Any pregnant woman of childbearing age can get an abortion at Planned Parenthood.P

There is also plenty of evidence of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for large profit. Why does Planned Parenthood get millions from the government, when they also make money from selling parts of the fetus. It is a moral travesty. The government has made it so easy to get an abortion, that in some case it is an almost irresistible option for women who don’t understand the evils of abortion.

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