Human Nature, and the Power That the Individual Holds by Silence Dogood

Just like a doctor, a lawyer, a salesperson, a vet, a teacher, or any profession, I have trained in a very specific way. I have many lenses I’ve looked through, such as Finance, Business, History, Current day events, futuristic theories, science, medicine, parenting, and many more. I enjoy being able to see the truth when I read something; whether it be an online article, publication, or even government statistics and published studies. Once you know what you’re looking for it’s easier to train your brain to sift through the “data”, which is mostly just noise, and graduate to learning information. This process takes years and takes unique experiences and perspectives to achieve. So when I look through my lens, you know I always try to get my information from the best. Because it’s a garbage in-garbage out world we live in.

There is a lot of data out there, and it can be hard to figure out which way is up or down on some topics. I most enjoy an individuals perspective that is free from constraints, because one can sense and gauge the writers’ depth of knowledge and wisdom in the piece, as well as any biases, whether their own bias or company bias. I go through data, information, and knowledge processing in my neural network before I reveal knowledge (the truth) through my filter, and also where to keep looking to maintain a truth bias. Because data points can and do change all the time. That can change the outcome of someone’s knowledge once you add new data. When a series of events is processed by someone’s neurons, that truth we hold in our consciousness is like blockchain to humans, since we also have to decode our reality around us like an intelligent computer would. That is ultimately what we are here to do, is to figure out the world and to share it with others to help them achieve a positive result. Whatever your thoughts are on the world is around you, it is most likely the opposite of what you think is the truth, unless you are awakened.

The power of humans is astonishingly spectacular. When a very cohesive and collective group of 30 or more like-minded people come together, they are capable of so much more than what we could possibly do as individuals. A bee to a beehive is a good example in nature. Let’s look at one of the best examples I could find: Bethesda Game Studios. You may not recognize their name at first, but if you have an Xbox or PlayStation, you probably own at least one of their games, if not more. The fact that their 35 – yes only 35 employees do the work of an equivalent 1,000 competitors employees is unbelievable. It’s not even a fair fight, it’s like Muhammad Ali beating on a lightweight. That kind of success is what is possible in anyone’s world, especially in your realm. Because you hold the keys, you just have to go unlock the doors on your own. What you must do is to go out and seek the truth, to be kind to people, and to share many experiences with others. Even small talk could mean the difference to someone. People seek out like-minded people and can create amazing things when brought together in such circumstances.

So to everyone out there – be more Brotherly or Sisterly, be more Fatherly or Motherly, be a good Son or Daughter. Fill your heart with love and for the love of God please clear out your tear ducts. You have them for a reason. Let it out once in a while. Live life the way you want while in a meaningful and ethical way, not what someone else wants. Once you do that, you will automatically, through the forces of nature and the universe itself, align with your truest self. The fact is we are self-reliant from birth. Going from self reliant to self sufficient is something we all evolve into differently. Some hit the Darwin wall which acts as an invisible glass ceiling, and it is fair and just as this invisible glass wall can hit anyone, anytime, any place. And as much as our current society values equality and we have advanced so much in the last hundred years, there can be too much of a good thing.

Did you know if you drink too much water you can die from drowning? We’ve lost that “old fashioned way” of doing things because of our insatiable appetite for the need to do things faster, smarter, better. Our “unique character” that we’re born as, our essence or soul has been slowly and subconsciously misguided off our truest path by obstacles in our lives but also by our conscious decisions, both good and bad. That is what makes humans unique is our consciousness, and our ability to reason and make a good or bad decision in the first place. There are many people plagued by negative energy, most through no fault of their own. In most cases, it was their upbringing, the lack of a decent education and other external factors that shape their current, in many cases warped way of thinking and living. I’m being completely serious when I say this – you can flip your current vibrational output from electron to proton in your mind by simply thinking about it and watching the switch happen with your eyes closed. You will now repel negative energy because you are consciously awake to it, and when you sense negative energy you don’t necessarily avoid it, but rather seek the Truth and avoid the Lie. Good people attract more good people and bad people attract more bad people. Now, focus on your core mission at hand – whatever that might be, continue pressing on. Do good for the world in any light you can find yourself in. Because people today seriously need help. Look inside yourself to find the only real answer, because only you know how to fix you. Once you are fixed or if you have already fixed yourself, you can now start helping and serving others. Bless everyone.

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