The Open Season: The Prized Buck by Reid Neason

Hatred of conservatism is slowly becoming a social norm, and there’s no way around it. We have seen that the media, big tech, and many others have declared open season on our values, and a hunting party has begun as such. It’s largely a grassroots movement, which has started by hunting down particular individuals or groups who attempt to establish diversity of thought in America. However, the hunt starts and ends with the one who may have set these events in motion, the prized buck of the hunt: President Donald Trump.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the assault on this administration is that many of the attacks come from within the government that we trust to act in the interests of the people. One culprit in particular is the intelligence community. Somewhere between James Comey getting fired and him becoming a petulant whiner, the FBI, which was led by Andrew McCabe at this point, began an investigation into Donald Trump being a possible Russian agent. That’s correct, one of the most powerful intelligence organizations in the world decided to pursue partisan political ends instead of doing their jobs because the head honchos are bumbling purveyors of the classic leftist “holier than thou” complex. McCabe, alongside Deputy Head of Corruption Peter Strzok, attempted to undo the votes of 66 million Americans because they simply didn’t like who they voted for.

Since the current folks at the FBI didn’t get their way, the Democratic Party instead decided that basic rules and regulations don’t apply to anyone who has the “correct” politics. So they circumvented basic intelligence ethics and began a probe to search for a crime that has not yet been uncovered. Robert Mueller has clearly shown that the investigation will not end until they find damning evidence against the president, which may take a while considering nothing’s been presented to a grand jury in two years. All that’s come of it is people who are not Trump getting charged with crimes that are not collusion. Call it what you will, but that sure sounds beyond their authority.

It is often understood that the best hunters are unseen, that they stalk in the shadows. The most voracious hunters in this particular party follow a similar principle, but rather than stealth, they masquerade their sabotage of a democratically elected administration as legal rulings. I’m talking about the lower courts. This shouldn’t come as any surprise, considering the left sees the Constitution a document that can be freely revised á la 1984. In fact, the judges in question have utilized this “living document” illusion to become the latest notches in a belt of spoiled brats who won’t play nice until their party controls every aspect of government.

An Obama-nominated appeals judge said that the census couldn’t include a citizenship question based on selectively viewed evidence and blatant leftist bias. A Hawaiian judge failed to undo President Trump’s ban on travel from countries that were blacklisted as terror sponsors by the Obama administration because they are majority Muslim, and heaven forbid that happen because, well, identity politics. And to top it off, there’s the example we all know, the Trump-Acosta case. As far as I’m aware, the Constitution doesn’t contain a right to a hard pass to the White House press pool. Nor does any legal text dictate that it is necessary for Jim Acosta specifically to be a member of the Press Corps. I guess CNN’s 12 other reporters in the press pool weren’t quite enough.

All the incidents that I’ve listed above could be boiled down to simple partisan politics, but this hunt is about more than the simple “I’m right, you’re wrong” dialogue. Those who call themselves enemies of this administration are unwavering in their quest to defame and humiliate our 45th president. Think about all the books and op-eds that have been written with the sole intent of delegitimizing the leader of the free world. Michael Wolff himself proclaimed that Fire and Fury was the result of him combining conflicting details into what he would like to be the truth. Fear’s entire narrative was torn down by Donald Trump, Sarah Sanders, and James Mattis within mere hours of its release.

The “I’m part of the resistance inside the Trump administration” piece run by the New York Times may have very well been written by some news writer who wanted to start a coup. The NYT also published five propagandistic fan fiction pieces that imagined endless suffering for Donald Trump, featuring everything from successful impeachment to the Secret Service colluding in his assassination. When Hasher Jallal Taheb planned to hit the White House with an anti-tank rocket, it was only a fleeting blip in the mainstream media’s news cycles.

Omarosa Manigault abused the White House car service and used the White House for a private wedding photoshoot, then cried that she was the victim when she got fired. She blurted out that Donald Trump used to use the n-word, and she breached her non-disclosure agreement by secretly recording her firing. Brian Ross demonstrated that the failure of this country’s leader was more important than the success of the country as a whole when he single-handedly choke-slammed the stock market with a wishful thinking piece on Michael Flynn’s nonexistent contact with Russia. Virtually all leftist media outlets ran with the BuzzFeed “bombshell” that the president told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, and continued to do so after Robert Mueller, the man to whom they kiss up religiously, said it was false.

This three-part series has reached one concrete conclusion: conservatives are being hunted down. The most prominent voices in our society promote normalized hatred of our values, and if we advocate for them in any way, they are willing to censor, dox, or threaten us. They think that there will be no pushback.

However, we know what this hate mongering will eventually lead to. It may have already begun. More and more people are leaving the hunters that are the new, radical left. If they continue to allow this hatred and bigotry to continue to permeate into the Democratic Party and their propaganda cell (aka the media), it will only lead to political and social suicide.

Reid is a student at Texas A&M University and a Maroon Elite writer for TUC. Twitter: @reidn_421

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