Just Moments Ago by John A. Dwyer

I was just born moments ago, and immediately I was placed on my mothers chest. Again I could hear her heartbeat, and she could hear mine. We feel each other’s warmth. We hear each other breathe. Some day, I may grow to be a doctor who saves lives, or a lawyer who protects others with the laws I write. I may climb into a rocket and explore the stars, or I may become a mother and continue this wonderful process of bringing human life into the world.

I am very lucky to be alive, because if you, my mother, lived just a few miles north in New York State, you might have been tempted to have me executed while still in your womb. If we were in New York State, I might have been murdered by someone, calling himself a doctor, and had my arms and legs ripped from my body while I was still alive. I might have had a scissors plunged into my perfectly developed brain, ending all hope of future greatness I might have had. My organs might have been ripped from my still warm body to sell for enormous profit to some beast of a human who never knew me, or you, mom. Yes, I am lucky.

My, as yet unconceived, sister may not be so lucky. My brother, whom I may never meet, may have his still beating heart lying on a cold stainless steel table in New York State, waiting to be delivered to a heartless lab for experimentation, instead of beating in his breast.

Mom, why are you going to kill my brother or sister? Mom, why are you going to believe those walking demons in New York State who want to tell you that my brother is a meaningless piece of crud in your womb until it is expelled from your body and suddenly becomes human? Mom, they don’t care, do you? Did you care about me, or was I just lucky? Was I just another lifeless, meaningless, piece of crud in your body that you hoped would go away? Do you even love me? Did you ever?

New York State has no love for me at all!

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One thought on “Just Moments Ago by John A. Dwyer

  1. In the middle of December America’s abortion numbers passed a million.
    I will often post the newest numbers as part of my Anti-Abortion posts. It was so hard to do that in December, especially around Christmas.

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