Governer Andrew Cuomo’s Radical Pro Abortion Position by Seth Ian

The liberal governor of New York has now gone even further left. If his anti ICE positions and anti NRA view weren’t enough, he has now signed an evil bill. The bill legalizes abortion up to the birth of a child and allows people who aren’t even doctors to perform abortions in New York state. (

Cuomo apparently belives in abortion on demand as well as bringing that warped mentality to New York. Cuomo said “With the signing of this bill, we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body.” He misses the obvious point that their is another human being involved, yet Cuomo seems to view feminism as more important than saving the lives of the innocent babies.

Perhaps Cuomo is doing this to position himself as an extreme liberal for the presidential election. This bill goes beyond Roe VS. Wade. It’s extreme and not representative of the public at large, which includes many people who are pro life.
According to one poll listed showed 53 percent of Americans are opposed to abortion.

Sanctioning and giving ones approval for such an evil act encourages that person. Gov.Cuomo has shown that he is willing to do anything for leftist approval, which now means sanctioning the murder of the unborn beyond what even Roe vs.Wade permitted. The far left is now advocating for the murder of innocent babies. Let’s pray that this does not spread to other states as well. These are scary times, not because of President Trump as the Fake News Media would suggest, but the party of JFK is becoming increasingly socialist and obsessing over identity politics.

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