Violent Anti-Semitism In Liberal-Run NYC by Seth Ian

Despite leftist lies trying to portray NY as a city of tolerance for all and their lies accusing the South as more dangerous for Jews, the opposite is true.

A series of attacks on Jews, who are of an orthodox group called Lubavitch, have occurred in Crown Heights. This is the part of Brooklyn where race-hustler, Al Sharpton, incited a riot, which ultimately ended with a Jewish Rabbinical student from Australia being stabbed to death.

In the latest attack in DeBlasio’s New York, an Orthodox Jewish man was violently attacked on Saturday night. In this attack, a suspect described as a Black male in his teenage years, punched the victim in the face and knocked him to the ground.

This all comes as the left is becoming more hostile to Jewish people by the day. Maxine Waters was seen hugging Louis Farakhan and one of the new congresswomen has made anti-Semitic comments. Louis Farrakhan has made a career for himself by bad-mouthing both white Christians and Jews.

In the series of attacks on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, the police are treating the attack as a hate crime. New York needs a new mayor who doesn’t stoke racial tension, helping to keep the streets safe, and the Democratic party must stop honoring vicious anti-semites along with those who hate the west.

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