The Establishment is Completely Clueless by Jeffery McNeil

Washington, DC is considered the smartest city in America. While many in Washington love to crow about how they went to Princeton, Harvard or tout their advanced degrees, I discovered being highly educated is meaningless when it comes to communicating with other human beings.

It’s not just liberal elites, it’s the entire Washington establishment that is clueless, elitist, and out of touch. They are not about the people, it’s about being part of the club. For years the elite has flung their dung on people they view beneath them. They have met their match with Donald Trump and his base. Donald Trump brings a take-no-crap-mindset, and it is unraveling the Washington establishment. People are no longer afraid of or in fear of the ruling class. People want to manage their own lives instead of being told what to do with people that perceive you as inferior.

Because our ruling class has walled themselves off from everyday people, they are incapable of understanding why the working class has made Donald Trump their hero. The Washington elite can comprehend what’s ideal, not necessarily realistic. Donald Trump may not be the perfect president for Washington elites.  However, he speaks to people who the elites have left out the American dream. The elites have told you the American Dream is dead. They said the factories aren’t coming back. Progressives say solar panels and windmills would replace the coal burning stove and fireplace. However, some of us like the fireplace and coal burning stove and don’t want to live on dandelions and ragweeds.

I don’t mind sacrificing and saving to buy my own stuff. I don’t want charity, but want to know where I stand in the market place. I’m not interested in liberalism, and I don’t want to be treated like a noble savage that needs to be made, Anglo, enlightened or Middle Class. I don’t care if my presence embarrasses polite society. I like Popeye’s chicken, not vegan burgers. I’m an American, not hyphenated with African. If my views are offensive to others, then go bother someone else. I’m a Christian and I respect those that respect me. I treat social issues like smoking cigarettes. I don’t care if you smoke as long as you don’t blow it in my face. But unfortunately, radicals and extremist are not interested in live and let live, but forcing their ideology on others.

When people lose their minds over Donald Trump, I ask them what the alternative is?  Six months ago I was 100% behind Donald Trump. Today, I still consider President Trump better than the choices presented. Julian Castro wants to raise taxes 90% on the wealthy. Not all wealth is relative, while some are born wealthy, others start with nothing, sacrifice and become wealthy. The notion that the government take 9 cents out of every dollar you make because you did nothing else but achieve something is why America had a Revolutionary and Civil War.

I get Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, and there is no grey area. You’re either a loyalist or despise everything he stands for.

You can say many things about President Trump and this administration, but what was Trump supposed to do about shutting down the government. People voted for him because of issues such as illegal immigration. Illegal Immigration is the moral issue of our lifetime. Like slavery and the Civil Rights Movement, this is an issue where politicians have kicked the can down the road to the point it’s become a crisis. To the point where the president can no longer dodge the issue, but do what’s right not what political. We are at a moral junction where either we’re a nation of laws or just the worlds shelter where people can come here and do what they desire. This is more than immigration, but about the American Dream. We either become the United States where people shed the old world to become Americans, or we allow people to hyphenate and segregate themselves from the American ideal.

We are in the same situation as 2004 where Trump is vulnerable, but the Democrats have lurched so far to the Left and have so much contempt for the Middle class and Red America that President Trump likely will be re-elected. I don’t think there’s any appetite for the Neocon, Neoliberal policies of the Bush/Clinton/Obama years. I don’t think anyone’s interested in open borders, soaking the rich, free trade, de-policing, or abolishing ICE. The Democrats couldn’t put a better foil for Donald Trump than having Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, Maxine Waters in charge of the finance committee and giving airtime to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaid and Illahn Omar. Like Nixon in ’72 and Bush in ’04, many moderates and independents will hold their nose and beat back the socialist onslaught to re-elect Donald Trump in 2020.

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