Why Pelosi’s Idea Is a Bad One by Seth Ian

Nancy Pelosi is known to be very liberal, but what she’s suggesting now is shocking. The Speaker of the House is looking to postpone The State Of The Union. She claims it’s due to security risks in light of the partial government shut down.

It’s doubtful that President Trump will follow this advice as it is not rooted in any sort of logic. It is a cynical ploy to dramatize the partial government shutdown as much as possible.

The Trump White House pushed back on security concern. Kirstjen-Nielsen The Homeland Security secretary tweeted “The Department of Homeland Security and the US Secret Service are fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union,”.

Despite Nancy Pelosi’s idea the State of The Union is strong, ISIS has been defeated. The President has appointed two very qualified Judges and has presided over a great economy. He has renegotiated unfair trade deals and pulled us out of the Paris climate accords. Now he is fighting for his signature campaign promise to build that wall. 

The Democrats were offered compromise yet Nancy Pelosi will not even consider the idea of a wall on our border. She calls it immoral. Thus in many ways, she is keeping the shutdown going by putting Anti Trump hate ahead of what’s good for America.

Her idea to postpone the state of the union would suggest we are not winning. America is, in fact, winning again to borrow a term from President Trump. On so many fronts America is winning and is strong again. Delaying the State of The Union would send the exact opposite message.

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