Gillibrand Breaks Senate Pledge by Seth Ian

Kirsten Gilibrand promised New Yorkers she would fill out her term as Senator in liberal NY. She also claimed to be a more moderate Democrat when she ran upstate. She broke both promises. 

Now she plans on running for President, an announcement she made on Colbert’s nightly show of all places. This is a perfect illustration of whats wrong with her policies and approach. She had promised New Yorkers she would stay Senator for the whole term. Now she is displaying dishonesty and a lack of integrity hurting the image of her public office.

She has shown she has no core convictions and is a career politician. She has called for abolishing ICE has done away with the American principal of innocent until proven guilty. 

She condemned Justice Kavanaugh and urged for his name to be withdrawn. It was a bitter partisan move and shows something of her character. If she is willing to participate in a witch hunt like that it should be enough to convince the public not to vote her into office in 2020.

Though its possible she will change her views again, clearly her word means little. The last thing the country needs is Hillary 2.0 for President. The Democrat field is crowded but they are no match for President Trump who fulfills his campaign promises, while most politicians don’t. Hopefully she changes her mind about running for president for her own sake

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