Stacey Abrams Reveals Democrats True Intentions by Seth Ian

Not often does the current crop of left wing radicals admit their true goals. Recently, that has begun to change. Whether it’s socialist mayor Bill de Blasio calling for free healthcare for illegals or Gavin Newsom declaring his state a sanctuary for law-breaking, foreign citizens, the left has gone off the rails on illegal immigration.

Now the mainstream media favorite who unfairly demonized her opponent in the governors race, Stacey Abrams has added her voice to the hysteria. In an interview with PBS she admitted her views on unconstitutional views on voting.

Margaret Hoover: So, in some cases, you would be supportive of non-citizens voting? Stacey Abrams: I wouldn’t be — I wouldn’t oppose it.

In other words, she wouldn’t oppose those who break into this country gaining voting rights. This is a shocking and disturbing precedent. We are a nation of laws and she is rewarding law breakers.

If the new Democratic strategy is to win over the votes of illegals, then they will lose much of the working class vote. Law breaking should never be rewarded and this is a clear incentive for illegals to come over the border, along with the irresponsible sanctuary city policies.

It’s time to end the lawlessness. It’s time the Democrats cooperated with the President. It’s time to build the wall, institute E-Verify for employers, and end chain migration. Granting illegals voting rights is a step back, not a step forward, and shows how far left the Democrats have moved on immigration. Stacey Abrams should never be elected to office. Offering constitutional rights to whom they don’t belong is unethical and to paraphrase the left “not who we are.”

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