Why Democrats Want Open Borders by 1776 Ben

Democrats used to be all for wanting border security. They passed several bills extending the wall and giving money to border security. In 2016, all 52 democrats voted for 46.3 billion to be given for more border security. This was when they were winning.

The reason they do not want the wall anymore is simply because walls work plain and simple. A wall will stop the majority of illegals, and without illegals they will never win an election again, and they will lose power. If there are more people in the country, they will want more government for the people. These people that come here will work for lower wages living in near-poverty and thriving off benefits.

With these benefits, such as welfare and healthcare, needing to be increased for the mass of people flooding the country, socialism will be implemented into America. They will need more money for these government programs and they will take the people’s hard-earned money for it. We have already heard from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and she wants to implement socialistic aspects into the West.

This isn’t even the main reason they want illegals here. They use illegals to vote for them. In San Francisco, illegal aliens are allowed to vote in local elections. How long until this is nationwide, and allowed during the Presidential Elections? In California, they have implemented a law providing for the automatic voter registration of motorists who obtain or renew driver’s licenses. Illegals are allowed to get drivers licenses in California. They can be registered voters in California if they get a driver’s license. In February 2016, California officials announced that more than 600,000 undocumented people were granted driver’s licenses in 2015. In 2020, the US Census isn’t even going to ask if you are a US Citizen or not.

People are leaving the democratic party in the masses. They need to refill their voter base. They want open borders and wide open amnesty and they bring these people to blue states such as California and New York. They increase the population in these big states, so the electoral votes go up. They then control these states as most illegals will vote Democrat.

They tell the illegals to vote Democrat for the welfare programs that Democrats feel so strongly about. In California 55% of illegals are on some type of public assistance. Across the nation the numbers are 76% of immigrant-led households receive welfare, compared to 52% for American Citizens, per 2015.

They come to America specifically for our welfare and food stamp benefits among some of the few we offer. The Republicans want to reduce these programs while the Democrats want increase them. The Democrats pander to illegals by trying to increase welfare.

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