Noted Activist, David Horowitz, Combats Targeted Hate Throughout His Career by Seth Ian

Though the media fails to address it, there is widespread disdain for the white working-class. Much of it comes from Hollywood and the mainstream media. Indeed, much of the opposition to the President is rooted in this hate. Former leftist who became a conservative activist, David Horowitz, is responding to this reverse racism.

In a tweet, David Horowitz expressed the edgy but simple truth that anti-white racism is so pervasive on the left and in the University/media environment that they control innocuous and true statements like those from Megyn Kelly and Ron DeSantis. They twist words in ways to devastate the careers of individuals they want to take down.

Although the globalist media will never admit it, there is hostility coming from the left and aimed at the white, working class. As a former man of the left, Horowitz knows this first-hand. He combats this hate on a daily basis. He has helped combat Leftist threats to Western civilization head on.

David Horowitz is known to state the truth in political matters, even when politically incorrect. He has an entire network dedicated to combating radical Islam and its leftist allies in America. Though he tweeted about it some time ago, it presents a common theme for Mr.Horowitz to call out the left for their extreme political correctness and reverse racism. He fights identity politics from the left and calls out those like Bernie Sanders and others, who traffic the hatred.

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