March For Life by Chad Quigley

One of the foundational principles of The United States is the ability of all persons to obtain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Abortion poses a threat to this idea, which is why I believe it should be the number one issue in modern politics and currently leaves a stain on the well-being of our country.

On January 18, I will be joining thousands of pro-life supporters in Washington, DC to march towards an end to abortion. While it lacks attention from the mainstream media, it is still the most important, annual march. The cohesiveness of the group and the genuine desire to fight for such a meaningful issue is truly an inspiration to those participating and for pro-lifers across the country. The end to abortion is an uphill battle, but I believe that truth and justice will always prevail.

If possible I highly encourage all pro-life individuals to either attend the March for Life, support the March by donating at the, and spreading the word about the event. We will all be happy that we took part in the fight to end abortion, especially once it is made illegal.

Patriots must continue to fight the genocide of abortion.

In God we trust.

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